Japanese English Learning Exchange


JELE is a learning exchange directory and community aimed to encourage users to practice their second language as well as teach it to really drive it into their memory! “The best way to learn is to teach!” And I back this statement. The more you encourage others to learn, the more you will encourage yourself to learn.

With Jele, share programs and links that you find useful in learning. On your down time, you can participate in some word games or check out the video/music/comic section of the forum. Or if you get really creative, you can make your own videos /comics/music and post those on the forums!.

Take a look around and don’t be shy!

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So do we get a badge on our profile if we join before the grand opening? So that 4 years down the line we can be like “I used JELE before it was mainstream”


Lol, I will definitely consider it. Tho, I tried to do something like that with the leveling system. (the more you post, the higher your level. and you can eventually become a Forum Elder).

But I like this idea of the pre-open badge. I will look into it! :]


Searched into it and I can’t put a pre-open badge. :(( I’m sorry!
However I do suggest creating posts, as this is how you level up.  You
can get up to level 100 and beyond. After level 100 there are SEVEN more secret “levels” that you can achieve by continuing activity: Through replying or creating games, music postings, video and show interest, books, manga, and much more about culture and language!!!



Just released the しりとりの文 games in the Japanese games board. Inspired from the games here in the Wanikani community. Because of the responses I got to the しりとりの文 I made here, I decided to create a community where learners inspired each other to learn more, and to eventually release the games I had made here, into that community (hopefully they are a little easier to understand).

Today is that day! and glad to finally have them out to the public.

Hope to see y’all soon!

(みんなさん、こんにちは!この さいと で にほんご を れんしゅう する が できます! そこ で あいたい です よ! がんばって ください!)


Added a new game! Japanese Picture game is a no English allowed beginner friendly image game where you find images of the vocab word left for you! Guests are welcome to look on and read what we already have, but you must be a member to join, and the registration wait is not long at all! Hope to see you soon!!!

Need more of a challenge: We already have a member rounding her 10th level, Congratulations! Do you have what it takes to get to level 100? Do you think you can make it to one of the secret levels? Find out!

Link again: Jele.freeforums.net


CRUNDERWOOD! I FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO THE THING! At least I hope this is what you were talking about. If anyone who joined before the website was open would like an official honoring to that, I can give you an official title of “Official Beta Member” while still keeping your levels score.

Also, as an update I have started doing beginner classes. More for right off the street people, most wanikani people are around the intermediate level.