Koichisan, why? Level up messages

I’m sure this has been posted before, I just want to have a moan :smiley:

I have enjoyed a lot of the level up/congrats messages, and I always look forward to them… But I feel like I’m being gaslighted about “things will start to calm down soon” etc… I don’t start burning words until July, so I’m assuming reviews will only build up until then.

I know I could slow down on lessons, but I’m really enjoying learning so quickly - first time I’ve used SRS and it feels awesome. Just a bit of a mental hit to be told things will calm down when I know they won’t.

Is there anything I’m missing that means my reviews actually will slow down before I start burning words, or does anyone want to join me in cathartic moaning?

Level 13 level up email spoilers


Leo G-B


It’s because if you would be going at a pace of 2 weeks or so per level, which is probably an average of some kind, then you would be burning by now. The emails don’t take this into consideration.


Well, in level 6 it told me I’d be burning stuff by around level 10, so that would be 2.5 weeks per level… But yeah, I get that these emails aren’t specific to my learning, it just feels a bit demotivating to be told things should be calming down when in reality it will be getting more intense for another 2.5 months - by which time I might be level 20 or so.

They also totally could make the emails more specific given they have the data on when you’ll start burning, so it’s not completely unjustified moaning…

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If this gives you some piece of mind, early levels are filled to the brim with radicals, while later levels have way way fewer. Your radical amount goes down by a significant amount basically every 10 levels. This means that you can start smoothing out the amount of material you need to review by moving the kanji that are unlocked from the start of the level (which also increases in number, since most radicals will be from earlier levels) to the time you learn the radicals of that level, and then do the same thing with vocab items, when they unlock. This smooths out the difficulty curve during a level considerably.


You can actually take a look at how your items have been progressing using [Web App] WaniKani History + Timemachine (or the older WK Timemachine) if you want to see your personal work load so far.


Aaah I think I’m with you, so basically you don’t have to wait as long for most of the kanji to get unlocked, so there’s less of a crunch when you finish off the radicals. Cool! Thanks, that does make me feel better!


Yeah, and then a less of a crunch to finish vocab items before moving onto the next level, because most will be unlocked as well


That’s really cool, and extremely useful! I’m surprised to see my daily reviews haven’t actually been increasing nearly as much as I thought, they’ve been hovering around 200 per day for the last month… Perhaps I was unfair on Koichisama! 本当に申し訳ない

I see a trend that my accuracy has been steadily declining - no doubt partly because I’m getting more words I wasn’t already familiar with, but that might be why I’ve been finding it more stressful recently. I’ll start doing some more “bonus review” sessions to go over words I’ve been failing on.

For some reason my “Level Info” graph seems totally messed up, it’s only showing data for level 13 and it’s showing what I interpret to mean I’ve spent 52 years on it… I know this isn’t a support thread, but any ideas? [edit] have posted on saraqael’s thread [/edit]

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Yeah that’s been a real barrier - e.g. today I have 157 lessons after getting to level 13, 91 of which are level 12 vocab

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A mere 172 years and you’ll finish level 60!


頑張る (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧

The true reason for the level-up e-mails is the jumbled story that’s hidden in the code. Two lines per e-mail.

At least, I assume they never took those out again…


Haha, wow, can confirm still there! What in the Captain Bottomfingers is this…


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