Koichi sticks


Am I weird? Usually I make my own mnemonics as the one in Wanikani don’t work well for me, some of them do, that said, I noticed that everytime Koichi is involved in a mnemonics, it sticks very well. 公 and 光 for instance… It’s interesting, I may use Koichi in my own mnemonics…

Is there a resource where we can search kanji with the same Onyomi?

It’s called indoctrination. Welcome.


so another has fallen to the cult of the crabigator


Not really, but let us know how well Charlie Sheen, or Hard Gay sticks by comparison.


I actually thought this was gonna be someone’s idea of selling Koichi stick figures as merch. Or perhaps a snack called ‘Koichi sticks’. Too bad.


Koichi is indeed sticky.


When I don’t know a reading, I usually type in kou and it’s worked about ten times so far??


Top secret: こういち is always accepted as a correct answer.


Charlie Sheen and Hard Gay: not at all, I don’t even try to remember it… But Koichi usually works for me also…


But what if you were to imagine Koichi as Hard Gay :thinking:


Most of the reviews that I get wrong are when I swap images of Koichi and Hard Gay in my mind.

Sorry Koichi. Sorry Hard Gay.


Just print out endless pictures of Koichi and Hard Gay and put them on your wall.

Problem solved


Hard gay, I never heard of him before I read about the mnemonics, but no, it didn’t stick, I remember hard gay, but can’t tell you for what kanji it was used. Koichi works very well, I had another one today 交, with my father telling me that koichi is in fact my real father :smile:


Using Koichi in a mnemonic for 硬 can get a bit weird though.


Please elaborate


You can’t make me!



Wait…this isn’t a forum post describing the deliciously crunchy Wanikani-brand “Koichi Sticks”, guaranteed to fill you up with just a few bites?

Man, I’m sad now.


Charlie Sheen always works for me. No idea why…


I thought this was about someone being stalked by Koichi, since “Koichi sticks”.


We need a Hard Koichi action figure with a pet crabigator.