What do you visualise for こういち?

My personal favorite mnemonic, and it’s honestly one of the easiest for me because of how I remember him. Of course the actual こういち is WK and Tofugu’s founder, and there’s pictures of him out there IIRC, but I haven’t seen him enough to actually convey the mnemonic to be about him himself. I was curious to know what other people think of when they encounter こう in a kanji meaning?

I myself, because their names are similar, I always think of Kokichi Ouma from Dangan Ronpa V3. Anyone who knows about that game will know why he’s so memorable like that.


Stare at this until it’s burned into your memory.



I would give a durtle for that even though I actually saw that video.

As for me, there’s always: 工


The @koichi inside my head is this one (not to dismiss the others, they’re すてき as well):



I just visualise… a guy, lol, and from the pictures in this thread it looks like I was pretty spot-on.
that said, your mnemonic seems like it would work pretty well- did you know there’s a こういち in danganronpa too? (not that he’s really memorable at all, but… he’s there!)

attaching a personality to a mnemonic in that way always seems to succeed pretty well for memorisation, though! I know I remember こう kanji (and ちょう kanji, and しょう kanji…) better than other ones.
I feel like what makes it work is probably the sheer ridiculousness of his antics (see for one example) WK’s mnemonics are good in that regard, and こう is just one example of them!

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To this day I do not really know what a こういち even is :sweat_smile: so I just imagine a mysteriously handsome man that everyone wants to be but can’t…He is wearing a nice suit and tie but his face is blurred…


If you watch the videos on the Tofugu YouTube channel you’ll see a lot of Koichi :grin:


Not sure what the opposite of the :durtle_stabby: is, but you are eligible :joy:


Level 60 was boring so I reset to 1.


I really wish they made it gold if you had reached Level 60 before, and then reset. That would help for things like Leebo…


Hahaha, maybe Koichi will give me a custom title too :joy:



I say, I say. Have you got a permit for that hiragana, sir?


Slightly off topic but still relevant I think: Does anyone know which kanji こういち uses to write his name?

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In all seriousness, I think it’s 耕一. It came up last year during the Durtle Heaven puzzle (because one of the clues called for a “tall one”, and Koichi could theoretically be written 高一, which means “tall one”, but it’s not).


I must say, I wonder how you get these…


I visualise… A crab. More specially, the wanikani crab. I’m impressed that almost everyone visualizes a man on this

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Some of us have seen Koichi’s videos or have seen things he has done…

And, how do you visualize a crab from this:

For kanji that use the こう (there are a lot of them!) we will use the character こういち every time. He’s one of the people who started this website, so we’ll do our best in the mnemonics to embarrass him as much as possible. Anyways, remember that whenever you see こう, think こういち.

You see some construction in front of you. There, standing shirtless (only a suspender and hard hat) is (こういち), looking back at you.


Googling “anime koichi” and this is the first guy that comes up, so i’ve used him.

And yes, this is a jojo reference

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I’ve been thinking about that for like a year! That would make it a lot more likely I would reset after burning all my turtles.

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