KiweeHerman's Study Log

Hello Everyone :slight_smile: Thank you for coming here, and welcome to log 1 of many in my continuing journey to learn Japanese.

Some fun lil tidbids about me :]
I started learning Japanese awhile ago, but didn’t really start taking it seriously until around October 2023. Now, my goal is to finish WK sometime in the next two years, and immerse in the Japanese language as much as I can. I’m currently a sophomore in college, and will be spending the entirety of my senior year abroad in Japan.

Why do I want to learn Japanese?
There are a lot of reasons I could think of, with the earliest coming from when I was about eight years old. My older sibling is 12 years older than me, so when I was going through my “I want to be just like my sibling” phase, they were going through their weeb phase. I remember watching Soul Eater with them, and finding Japanese language dictionaries laying around their room. They told me of their dream to move to Japan and learn the language, and I found myself dreaming of that too. They did not stick to their goal, unfortunately, but the fire in my soul to learn Japanese was fueled and is still burning 12 years later.

My other reasons involve a hyper fixation on the Japanese language, and wanting to someday reach fluency. Additionally, I love Japanese culture and find it so incredibly interesting and beautiful. It would be a bit of a stereotype to say I want to live there someday but it’s true. It isn’t a perfect country or a perfect government, but when I dream of retirement, I see myself in the Japanese countryside with my partner.

Final reason is that my partner’s parents want to go on a massive vacation to Korea and Japan (my partner is Korean), and they want me to translate for them when we go through Japan so I gotta step up my game!

Final Thoughts
I hope this thread motivates me to continue my learning and push forward through the 60 WK levels! Thank you for reading and I’ll see y’all next time :slight_smile: