King Kanji lesson error (Flaming Durtles)


This is my first post on this forum and I hope I posted this in the right place.

I have read something that looks like an error to me on the king Kanji lesson (I’m viewing it on Flaming durtles so I’m not sure if’s it’s a WaniKani or FD matter).

In Reading Mnemonic, it reads: “We’re going to use the 王 Kanji for all おう mnemonics from now on.”

Shouldn’t it be: “We’re going to use the 王 mnemonic for all おう readings from now on.”

Let me know if I’ve got this wrong.

Happy learning to all.

Edited for hiragana & kanji.

No, the kanji is being used as the mnemonic to help remember the reading of later cards. You can think of it as the “reading mnemonic” if you like, but there’s nothing wrong with that sentence as it stands.


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