Kid's or Language Learner's Japanese to Japanese Dictionary Recommendations?

So yesterday when I was reading an NHK News Easy article, I looked up their definition for 酸素 (oxygen):


It dawned on me that I can finally understand the definition so I’m thinking of transitioning to a Japanese to Japanese dictionary. Can anyone recommend a kid’s or language learner’s Japanese to Japanese dictionary (physical or online)? I tried other online J-J dictionaries and it seems that it is written for natives who have a lot of learned vocabulary and not for learners of a language.



Never seen the stuff that you’re looking for, but an alternative worth being aware about:

On yomichan you get get a native dictionary and basically set it to where you can get pop up definitions of words within the definition of the original word you looked up. You can also have it display both monolingual and bilingual definitions. Makes understanding monolingual definitions a lot more accessible as a beginner.

EDIT: better Example


Thanks for the suggestion, seems to be a good alternative and quite convenient as I recently learned how to create anki cards using yomichan. One question though, how were you able to look up words within yomichan?

Hmm, I just downloaded the extension and a couple dictionaries which I uploaded to the extension. I set my key for word lookups (shift in my case) and I set the number of child popups to like 2 so i could look up definitions inside of definitions. Then I just hover over a word and press shift and I get the definition. And yeah, you can set it up to work with anki and I did too. I just click the plus in the top right corner and it makes an anki vocab card like this

I think i got my dictionaries from here


Thanks. I was kinda confused as to how exactly you were able to configure the pop ups but in the end I was able to figure it out. Here’s a reminder to the future me and others who may stumble into the same problem:

  1. Within Yomichan’s setting scroll down to the Pop up section.
  2. Enable “Allow scanning popup content”.
  3. Under “Maximum number of child popups” enter 2.

As for the dictionary I took mine here: Yomichan and EPWING dictionaries and chose the 大辞泉 as it’s described as beginner friendly. Here’s an example for 台風:



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