Anything like rikaikun that's J->J?

Thread title. Is there anything like Rikai-kun that has a Japanese to Japanese dictionary? Basically you hold a button and hover over a word and get a definition for what is selects.

I know ebook readers have something similar but I’m curious if there’s anything for web browsing and the like.

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Yomichan can import dictionaries in different formats, perhaps you can go that route.

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Oh, you can totally go that way with yomichan :+1::+1:

I don’t know how well it works with all the dictionaries. But with the ones listed on the import instruction page it works pretty much as expected.

EDIT: Now I know… It works ONLY with the dictionaries listed… apparently EPWING files are a terrible format for attempting any standarized way to transform it in another format :sweat:


With the caveat that you have to actually have a J->J dictionary in digital format, and convert that to the format that Yomichan understands. The creator understandably doesn’t bundle any J->J dictionaries since they are generally copyright protected.

Okay cool so yomichan has an importer but how/where do you get the dictionaries?

You can get the typical J->E vocab, kanji, and name dictionaries from the creator’s website.

I don’t really know how to legally get the files :roll_eyes:. The format is not precisely new and was popular when dictionaries had a CD-ROM version… I would guess apps are the way now, but sadly those aren’t as efficiently integrated with an Anki routine :sweat_smile:

I was searching ways to make monolingual sentence cards some time ago and I found about the qolibry program; in the same youtube video there were links for both the qolibry viewer program and a huge file with dictionaries.
The dictionaries in EPWING format aren’t exactly new (most were published around 2003-2004) . I was looking for some new version for the ones I used the most, but no luck there. Either the websites of the publishers were very hard to understand (been in japanese an all… ) or they were selling the old versions as well (specially in Amazon) and no option for overseas shipping.

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