Keeping track of your readings

I’m a tracking addict so I just had to make a profile.
I didn’t want to fill my goodreads profile with manga since I only want to track books in there, but I wanted to track my japanese readings so this is a good solution.

By the way, @Belerith, I use Grouvee for tracking videogames and I don’t know if it’s the best but if works just fine for me. You can track games played/playing/blacklog/wishlist etc. Plus set a start/end time, total playtime, rating and things like that for the games you have played.


I love seeing how influenced by the books clubs everybody’s profiles are :grin:

I’ve set up an account, but I’m gonna have to think a bit about when I read some of my first books… For anyone else who didn’t know, I had to look up 積読 - read つんどく and in this context means ‘books bought but not read’. Basically, your book stockpile :grin:


Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out. That’s all I want, just as a bit of a motivation to follow through on my Japanese games.

Haha, yeah, I also first looked up a couple of the headers until I sort of understood what everything was. If you have the time and motivation, I think now is the best time… says me, who’s been procrastinating on her one page for today, lol. But yeah. Gonna follow my own advice after reviews.


I’ll give it a try!
Here’s my profile: saruko - 読書メーター

Should we try making a Wanikani コミュニティ? If people are interested in joining, I’d be interested in going through the steps to try to set one up.


Ooh, you can do that? I didn’t even look at anything except the bookshelves.

Just checked it out, looks simple enough to be worth the effort - I think it’s a good idea. :slight_smile: Do you know what they’re for? Shared collections of books? Forum styled book reviews?

Clicking on some of the existing communities, it looks like they’re basically a mini discussion forum. So it’s probably not something that we need since we have this forum, but it might be fun to try!

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It does sound fun. :slight_smile: We could maybe even try for some simple Japanese discussions, maybe.

Sure, and if nothing else, we’ll just get more used to the interface, and maybe someday feel comfortable jumping into one of the other groups, too.


Oh, just saw this. I’ve been using this site for a while, actually. Here’s my profile for anyone interested:

I’d join that.


I learned about 積読 a while ago (in an English article), and maintain a shelf by that name in my Goodreads account. :grin:


I don’t know if I’ll be able to edit the group description later on, so does anybody spot any glaring errors here?


A group for Japanese learners using the Wanikani website
Feel free to post in Japanese or English!


Looks good to my beginner’s eye. I’m almost sure you should be able to edit it later if needed… or, if all else fails, we can make a new one?

Impressive book count. :open_mouth:


I can’t judge how much this is natural or not, but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it :+1:


Here’s our group!

@Belerith, you’re right, now that it’s made I do see a way to edit the description :slight_smile:


I am unreasonably excited that I can now love books in a whole other language :blush: like I didn’t have enough to read already

Thank you so much for setting this up!

@Ncastaneda do you think it would be worth including @Asterlea’s list of terms in the OP, and the link to the group that Saruko created as well?

Edit: aaaaah, I love the group picture :grin:


Now gotta see if I can install the app.

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Thanks! Though I can’t take too much credit for that - it was basically the only one to come up in Google that wasn’t an actual tofugu crabigator :sweat_smile:


As long as you have a Japanese play store account, it should pose no problem.

Just realized I haven’t shared my profile here:
NickNickovich - 読書メーター


Well, added all the new friends and joined the community :smiley: