Kanji writing?

i really like this website, and i hope to learn a lot! does anyone have a reccommendation for what i should use for writing kanji?

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As you probably read in the FAQ (or Guide?) they don’t feel it’s worth teaching here, however, they do have an article about stroke order:

EDIT: Also, I recommend this:

EDIT2: I shouldn’t have said “not worth teaching”… but that they feel it’d be better time to spend your time studying other things, like more kanji, or grammar. There are a lot of people who feel that learning to write helps them remember the kanji better though, so if you think it helps I think you should do it!

I think anything it’s Ok. Whether pen and paper, Anki Decks with writing allowed, Kanji Study App (great app), or Skritter (great but expensive app).
But yeah… writing it’s a great resource for when you get to the painful levels and most kanjis look alike :sweat_smile:

If you’re starting WK, i would suggest get into the habit of writing each kanji when doing new lessons… it will prove a tremendous tool to help retention… as much as mnemonics in the long run.

ok, thank you both for the help!

Definitely Skritter.

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Senpai, did you use writing in your journey?

Personally, I did not. I have no problems recognizing kanji, however, if you ask me to write them, I can only really do the simple ones, and the ones in my name.

One day, I might spend some time on it, but for now, I’m more than busy enough studying grammar, and trying to develop my speaking/listening skills…


Personally, I’m doing Genki alongside Wanikani, so I try to learn to write every kanji I know from the Genki vocab words I’ve learned. If I haven’t encountered it in Wanikani, or I don’t know any words from outside of wanikani that use it, I don’t worry about writing the Kanji. I’ve found this to be a good way to learn to write kanji without it becoming overwhelming, since my WK outpaces my Genki pretty heavily. I’m still only in Chapter 8 of Genki I.

Here’s an SRS-based Kanji writing learning method using Anki:
Link to Android-Deck OR Link to iOS-Deck

It follows the same order as the Kanji on WaniKani, so it’s the best writing supplement I can think of!

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I write down the vocab and kanji with the hiragana reading for every review. Like this…

Right now I have 7 completed notebooks with 4 columns per page and 24 rows per column,

it’s like a trophy I’ll be able to show people later in life when they ask me how I learned japanese.


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