Kanji writing?


i really like this website, and i hope to learn a lot! does anyone have a reccommendation for what i should use for writing kanji?


As you probably read in the FAQ (or Guide?) they don’t feel it’s worth teaching here, however, they do have an article about stroke order:

EDIT: Also, I recommend this:

EDIT2: I shouldn’t have said “not worth teaching”… but that they feel it’d be better time to spend your time studying other things, like more kanji, or grammar. There are a lot of people who feel that learning to write helps them remember the kanji better though, so if you think it helps I think you should do it!


I think anything it’s Ok. Whether pen and paper, Anki Decks with writing allowed, Kanji Study App (great app), or Skritter (great but expensive app).
But yeah… writing it’s a great resource for when you get to the painful levels and most kanjis look alike :sweat_smile:

If you’re starting WK, i would suggest get into the habit of writing each kanji when doing new lessons… it will prove a tremendous tool to help retention… as much as mnemonics in the long run.


ok, thank you both for the help!


Definitely Skritter.


Senpai, did you use writing in your journey?


Personally, I did not. I have no problems recognizing kanji, however, if you ask me to write them, I can only really do the simple ones, and the ones in my name.

One day, I might spend some time on it, but for now, I’m more than busy enough studying grammar, and trying to develop my speaking/listening skills…


Personally, I’m doing Genki alongside Wanikani, so I try to learn to write every kanji I know from the Genki vocab words I’ve learned. If I haven’t encountered it in Wanikani, or I don’t know any words from outside of wanikani that use it, I don’t worry about writing the Kanji. I’ve found this to be a good way to learn to write kanji without it becoming overwhelming, since my WK outpaces my Genki pretty heavily. I’m still only in Chapter 8 of Genki I.


Here’s an SRS-based Kanji writing learning method using Anki:
Link to Android-Deck OR Link to iOS-Deck

It follows the same order as the Kanji on WaniKani, so it’s the best writing supplement I can think of!


I write down the vocab and kanji with the hiragana reading for every review. Like this…

Right now I have 7 completed notebooks with 4 columns per page and 24 rows per column,

it’s like a trophy I’ll be able to show people later in life when they ask me how I learned japanese.