[Version 1.05 | 2016-01-31] Anki deck for kanji writing practice


Thank you for this. I am using this for a month now. Works perfectly!


Hey, thanks a lot for this awesome deck!
Unfortunately I have a problem:

Happens often to me, the “good” last longer than the “easy”
I have no idea where this come from and how to resolve it :confused:
Maybe its just a display bug but im not sure…
I hope someone can help me!


I’ve got the same problem. Has anyone gotten the iPhone version to correct the scratchpad position? Mine is at the bottom instead of over the “box”.


I ended up using it like that anyway. It’s still usable. :upside_down_face:


I have found that Leebo-introduced Iversen Method helps a lot in kickstarting Kanji writing.

Since I stopped individual Kanji writing around Lv53, for about 2 months, I find resuming Kanji writing difficult. This technique is a big help this time.

The Google Spreadsheet I used for shadowing. And, I write Kanji vertically and repeatedly on a digital paper.

I believe individual Kanji writing would help in killing leeches.

For my custom beyond-Level-60, this will be easy to do, since there is already a spreadsheet.


Hey! Not sure if anyone is still taking care of this but I have two questions:

  1. The kanji don’t seem to come up in wanikani’s level order… Is that normal? And if it is, then what do I do if I fall on a kanji I haven’t yet studied on wanikani? (not delete it but keep it for study for later or something).

  2. Can someone help me with that Mac font story? I downloaded the font but have no idea how to use it so I can see the stroke orders in Anki after revealing the answer and clicking on the kanji…

Thanks :slight_smile:


Are you using it on PC, Mac, Android or iOS?

You can sort card in Desktop app (PC/Mac), but I have yet to find a way on Android. Go to Card Browser–> Reposition.

There are also other ways --> Setting up sub-decks. Setting up filtered decks…
57 AM

About setting up fonts, it’s a little different in PC/Mac and in Android; but probably not possible in iOS.
This is for Android: https://community.wanikani.com/t/Kanjis-look-different-on-different-OS/15029/26?u=polv


Thank you for your reply!

I am using it on Mac (and Android tablet - but the stroke order image shows up on the tablet).

I tried doing the reposition thing you are suggesting but it is already on “1” - even though the deck started at about level 3. Also, is there no way of seeing the level of achievement I have with one particular card? (maybe I completed the first levels while trying the app a long time ago… but still, it’s been longer than 4 days so it should be reviewed now!).


This is a top shelf resource. Thanks for all the work you’ve done on this. I’m using Version 1.05 on AnkiMobile for iOS, and it’s working beautifully. Like other iOS users, the scratchpad doesn’t hover over the white box. A small price to pay for this incredible resource. Also, so far, it appears as though kanji are becoming unlocked in the WK order. Thanks again.

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To all :apple: iPhone users out there:

In case anyone tried the latest Version (1.05) on AnkiMobile on iOS you may have noticed that the Whiteboard doesn’t work as in the screenshots from AnkiDroid from the original poster. Instead, on iOS there’s a Scratchpad, which works somehow different and needs to be configured first:

From the Decks Overview click the top right Settings icon, then Review >> Quick Bar >> Button 1 >> Choose “Toggle ScratchPad”. I also recommend setting Button 3 to “Off” to save space.

Once configured, when using it by tapping on “Pad” at the top of your review screen you’ll see that it doesn’t get added on top of the empty space of the card, instead the Scratchpad is at the bottom and the card at the top. Thus, the deck doesn’t work as is. But I fixed everything iOS-related:

You can download an iOS-optimized update to Version 1.05 of the Kanji deck here:

I’ve also found a Hiragana/Katakana deck which I needed to fix as well, if you’re interested in learning Kana:

This is what the two decks look like on my phone (Kanji left, Kana right):

I hope this helps some iPhone users out there!

Japanese class or self-taught (or both)?
Kanji writing?

Sorry to be a necromancer, but I just threw this deck onto Anki, and I’m super impressed with it! It’s what I’d wanted out of KaniWani (which still provides a valuable service, just a slightly different one). Now I’ll be able to actually use more of the kanji I’ve learned naturally, instead of needing to type it into an IME and squint at the tiny characters to recall the stroke order.

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Just found your post by mistake…After paying for skirtter and being annoyed with the quality of the app and having no “hiragana / katakana” support you just made my day.
So thank you :slight_smile:


Haha, I also came to this deck after giving skritter a try and being frustrated by it. I’m loving this so much and can already see how much writing helps with recognition and memorizing kanji. And I can’t imagine a more convenient way than this deck. Love it!


Thanks for editing this!!


Thanks for this awesome tool!

Quick question, how would one go about using this template to make Kana cards that make up two characters? I tried to make one for きゃ and it only shows the き portion of the kana.


nice, loving it. was thinking of learning to write, too, and i’m still lvl 7 - still easy to catch up to my wk level :slight_smile:


I’m getting HTML errors for some of the items.


@Dschee, this is excellent. Thank you so much! It probably only means that the kanji writing practice app that I was working on in my (non-existent) spare time will never get finished. しょうがない!:relieved:

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Hey hey! First of all: thanks a bunch for making this deck, @shvelven! It’s been a lifesaver and an everyday must. :two_hearts:
The only thing I’m missing is a radical version of the deck. I’ve searched for alternatives, but (assuming my search skills aren’t rusty) I haven’t found anything.
Do you have it in mind? Is it doable?

Thanks a lot for your time!!


i’m getting errors on card without onyomi on the desktop Anki.
IMHA the way to fix this should be in the javascript function HtoK() that convert hiragana to katagana.
So search and replace in the template card :
// Run the function on the onYomi box
by :
// Run the function on the onYomi box
if (document.getElementById(“onYomi”) != null ) HtoK(“onYomi”);

Other way is to paste the kunyomi in the onyomi in every card that shows the problem if you don’t feel easy with the template.

Hope it helps and thanks for the deck it’s really helpful.

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