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Hi, I am still very early in my Japanese learning but have come across kanji I old really like to know the meaning of for a project at work. Can anyone please help translate it? Based on the context I think/hope it refers to sample size but can’t find this through google searches. Any help would be much appreciated!

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観察 is observation. 数 is number, and is often used as a suffix to represent the total of something.
So number of observations. Yeah, sample size.

If this is something you need to do often, take a look at Jisho’s search by radical function. It’s cumbersome, but if you really need to look up printed kanji, it will do.

Thank you heaps @Leebo. Thank you @rodrigowaick I will have a look thanks :grin:

If you have a smartphone or other touchscreen device, I would also highly recommend Google Translate for this sort of thing. It gives the option to draw the kanji in directly, and as long as you get reasonably close to the right shapes/stroke order, it is surprisingly good at recognizing the kanji. It may not be the best translator option, but is often the quickest way to identify unfamiliar kanji without having to search by radicals.

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On android at least you can get the same handwriting recognition power while inputting directly into jisho by installing the google handwriting keyboard.

Isn’t this 旧字体?
(Old character form)
It looks like it could be

What makes you say that?

Well, it looks like intricate kanji and the printing looks a bit old. Just a guess :yum:

The these are all modern forms that you can learn here on WK.

As I mentioned in the first response, it’s 観察数
観 - かん view
察 - さつ guess
数 - すう count

The image is from a scan or something, so the image quality isn’t great.

Yeah, sorry about that

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