Kanji that look like faces

噌 looks like a dude with a hat on gritting his teeth

益 is another one.

For 噌, someone call this “death mask” for some reasons.

Now that I think about it, 噌 kind of looks like a Japanese rice farmer dude (with the cone shaped hat and narrow eyes).

There’s the lovely 麗

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He looks bored.

変 looks like a smiling old man

No mention of this one yet? 少


What about 猫 I always someone with a wide smile.

but nothing is more face-like than 笛 and 笠


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Nice Smug face 少

㕣 㕣 㕣 㕣


(◞≼◉ื≽◟ ;益;◞≼◉ื≽◟)

You solved the riddle


I have never seen the face in that one before this!

Kanji that look like faces. What about radicals that don’t? 氏

“If you look at this radical the right way, you can see a duck head, facing to the right. What a majestic duck this is, too.”

I just can’t see a duck head in this, majestic or otherwise. Help!


笑 always looks like someone laughing to me so if made it easy for me to remember lol


lol I struggled to see the duck face as well… I just gave up and memorized as it is.

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Imagine if it was a tamagotchi duck. The the square is its head, and the two lines coming off it are a beak (as if it were yelling at you) and then it has a pair of legs lol.

Makes me think more of a chick, but whatevs!


習 has always gotten me. I just picture a student giggling in their desk.

And I second 笑 being its own visual mnemonic.

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Icesis, your illustration is so helpful!! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it - and I’m sure I won’t forget it now!

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