The common beginner confusion with onyomi/kunyomi (Question)

Im going nuts.
Isn’t WaniKani almost always first teaching the on’yomi reading of a kanji?
If so, why does the hint state

“When hiragana is attached to a kanji, you can usually assume that that kanji is going to be read using the kun’yomi reading, which is exactly what’s going on with this word as well. By learning this word’s kanji you’ve also learned the reading for this word.”

Isn’t this implicating that WaniKani first teaches the kun’yomi reading?
I think this is what caused me so much confusion when it comes to remembering if I better try for kunyomi or onyomi.

I am sure I’m messing up again, but please someone help me. Also could not find a real good basic cheat sheet regarding this, while failing to create one myself due to the cards causing me confusion.

Thanks everybody.

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WaniKani teaches whichever the admin considers to be the most useful reading. It doesn’t strictly stick to kun or on. Personally, I like this better than trying to memorize 5+ readings of a kanji at once. You’ll learn other readings primarily through vocab and reading offsite.


I found it’s best to forget about what is on and what is kun, you’ll naturally know which reading to use when you encounter something in due time.


Practically, I remember Kun reading as a full vocabulary with one Kanji.

I think it is best to not only forget about Kun-On, but also to forget that there may be multiple Kun and On readings. Just remember one first, regardless of what it is called.

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@HARRi unless you mean a specific case of a kanji and/or word where it’s confusing, the hints do make sense.

However, WaniKani doesn’t necessarily always teach the on’yomi reading of a kanji. It depends on assumed frequency and/or usefulness of each reading. There are outliers, of course, like teaching the ‘jou’ on’yomi reading of 縄, even though it’s used in only 1 fairly common word and the kun’yomi reading is far more prevalent.

It’s safe to report such outliers :slight_smile: .

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