Kanji Quiz Speedruns

With Games Done Quick coming up, I’ve been thinking a bit about speedruns. Namely, a WaniKani speedrun. Now, obviously it’d be a bit much to try and speedrun the entirety of WaniKani (also, people are already doing that), so instead I had the idea to use the Self-Study Quiz script to do smaller categories!

For example, earlier I did Joyo G1%, where I set a filter to do only G1 kanji and see how quickly I can get through them all!

Give it a try if you’re interested, and let me know how it goes! :smile:

I realized that the script doesn’t work exactly as I thought (you can get everything wrong and still finish with no penalty), so maybe a penalty of, for example, 10 seconds for every item you get wrong?

Run Rules:

  • Lightning mode is allowed
  • Typos allowed
  • Halt if slightly off
  • Answer both Reading and Meaning

Joyo G1%:

  • Set Joyo grade 1
  • Set item type to Kanji

Let me know you have any ideas for different categories or improvements to make to the rules!


Name Base Time Mistakes Total Time
  1. Imaginary | 4:01 | 4 | 4:41

Ooh sounds like a cool idea! Ill try it out asap. Maybe you could make a small leader board in the first post?

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