Kanji cheat sheet with stroke order

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does somebody know a (printable) cheat sheet, where all Kanji either for N5 or G1/G2 are listed with stroke order. It shouldn’t be more than a few pages.

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EDIT: Here are the links:

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Umm, G1/G2 combined is 240 kanji. I’m sure that’ll be more than “a few pages” unless you want the stroke order guide to be so small it’s unusable. :sweat_smile:

But there is this to make custom kanji worksheets for stroke order based on JLPT level:



I just followed for when a reply was made, but thanks this looks really useful!


Also does N5 really require only those kanji? I always thought it would require more.

Yeah, it’s only like 79 kanji for N5. In terms of count, that’s nearly the amount of G1 Joyo. Though obviously they are not equivalent lists in terms of items. But remember, too, that JLPT incorporates a lot of words that are kana only especially in the early levels.

The site looks interesting but I’m looking for just Kanji with annotated numbers and no practice place. Sadly the site doesn’t have an option for that. And few pages mean as small as possible but still usable.

Unfortunately, I’m looking around and every chart is basically uses the same style. And most of them are dozens and dozens of pages long. There’s something like this:

But it would require you to snip out the parts you want and put it all together. But even it appears to be making the stroke order charts with the assumption of a person printing them out and practicing. As far as I can tell, no one is at least giving away on the Internet the exact format you are looking for.

Yeah I looked around a lot already (and found that one), that’s why I was asking. Hmm maybe a programming project for semester break.

Maybe borrow the code from this userscript:

And scrap all the stroke order diagrams for what you want?

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Maybe download a stroke order font and make your own?
The kanji lists aren’t too difficult to find, at least from what I saw, and then once you’ve copied them into a word document you can switch their font to the stroke order one? It would take a little work but it would be completely customizable if you desire

Sorry if this doesn’t help it just seems to be similar to what you’re looking for.

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Thanks for the ideas. I knew the stroke order script but it’s the first time I heard about stroke order fonts. That should be pretty easy to automatically order them in a grid layout and save that as a PDF. I will see what I can do :smiley:

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The meat of the script seems to be doing searches like this:

Kanji details for 日 - Denshi Jisho

Where you just insert the kanji you want at the end of the URL and then scraping the HTML for a link like this:


Where the number part before _frames.png is a wildcard search using a regex:


So the heaviest weight part is just either dynamically or statically creating your list of kanji and then just inserting all the images into some printable document.

Just saw that too (and looked at the exact same Kanji ^^). But I’m not sure yet if I want the complete stroke order (like a new “picture” for every new stroke) or just one character with all the numbers.

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Yeah not sure of an online dictionary that does it all in one box with just the strokes numbered. I have several books that do that, though.

So I made some sheets (G1 and G2) by writing a little Python tool for it. In the end it’s kind of a mix between both of your ideas. The Kanji are taken from the KanjiVG project and work perfectly. I uploaded them in the first post of mine and feedback would be appreciated. I could then make some for the other G and JPLT levels.

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