Kanji Just On'yomi Readings?

Here’s a quick question:

When doing kanji lessons, we’re only shown the readings that we’ll be “tested” on (meaning the possible readings we can type in for reviews), right? I’ve noticed that these readings are typically On’yomi, but I’m wondering if that’s always the case.

Are we always taught the On’yomi readings for kanji? Are there any kanji lessons where we learn the Kun’yomi reading instead?


Yeah, there are kanji lessons where the kun’yomi is taught instead. Usually this is done if the kun’yomi reading is incredibly common or if the on’yomi reading is incredibly rare, but ultimately it’s just at the discretion of the WaniKani team.


They tend to teach the reading(s) you’ll use the most in the vocab (before memorizing if there are multiple readings, I usually look at the vocab that uses it and decide which reading I want to focus on memorizing). And most kanji will have a vocab word that’s just the kanji by itself or as a verb or adjective, so you’ll learn the kun’yomi there in most cases.

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Yes, Kun’yomi is sometimes taught as a kanji reading. But no worries, if you enter the other reading while doing a kanji review, the input bar will simply shake and say it wants a different reading instead. You can’t do that for single-kanji vocab though, as those have only one correct reading.

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