Why does Wanikani only show On'yomi readings?

Is there a way to turn on kun’yomi as well? Right now I kinda feel like I hear kun’yomi more often than onyomi (although I’m still a beginner). I just have to hover over the kanji itself afterwards, but it’d be convenient to have it in the same box as the onyomi. Is there any reason only onyomi is prioritized over kunyomi?

When you learn your Kanji, WaniKani teaches only one reading at first. Usually it’s the On’yomi, but not always (川 is an exception, because its On’yomi is very rare). When you guru your Kanji and unlock the vocabulary, you will learn all the other important readings with the vocabulary words.

So as to not overwhelm you, only one reading is taught at the time of the kanji lesson. Others are taught later.

Ohh good to hear, thank you!

Ahh okay that makes sense, thank you!

You’ll hear Kun’yomi for some kanji when it’s the most common reading. And you’ll get a lot when you move into vocabulary.

You do need both in order to read - which is what WK is mostly about.

Very probably, the other 4 responses here have already said the same thing, if not very similar. You’re only a few days away from starting to experience those lessons, probably. Just give it time.

Eventually, you’ll have more readings than you can handle. (I’m looking at you, 生!)

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