Kanji for Yamamoto

Yesterday I learnt 大輪 could be read as Yamamoto instead of Daiwa.
Can someone explain this to me?
Are these kanji to write the last name?
How can we learn the kanji for the usual family name ?

That’s interesting, where did you read that?

My go-to site for last names lists the following possible readings for 大輪

おおわ, だいりん, おおりん, たいりん, だいわ

But not やまもと. Which makes sense to me, because there’s really nothing about 大輪 that would lead one to believe it could be read that way, unless someone just declared it to be so. Which, I guess anyone can do if they really want.

大輪やまもと. Boom.

But yeah, I’m curious what the context was.


Some kind of parallel with yamato/大和, perhaps ?


Oh, yeah, it would make a lot more sense if this thread was actually about how 大和 can be read やまと.


Gasp. You have just shattered the very foundations of Japanese.

But yeah, I third the request of “just where did you hear that?”

There are real life examples within Japan that makes you not expect the reading of a compound unless you already know it.
My favourite example would be 春日駅.
はるひえき?しゅんじつえき?NOPE!! It’s かすがえき!!

How about 神戸?
かみど?しんと?NOPE!! It’s こうべ!!

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You are right ! I made a mistake :confounded: It was Yamoto and now every thing is clear
To give you the context I discussed with a teacher of chinese language, who said 大和 is the ancient word for Japan and is read Yamato.
Read The full story here, it is interesting : 大和 - Wiktionary
Thanks to all


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