Turok vs 大

This must be japanese 101 but is there a way to tell which reading is between たい and だい?

I’m having trouble remembering which reading is for some returning vocabulary because every new word with 大 adds to the confusion.

If there isn’t I will just power through it but maybe just like with がつ げつ there is a trick to it.

Thanks in advance


Bad news! There is no trick as far as I know. You just got to learn them one by one. Maybe say them aloud a bunch to get the reading stuck in your mind


There isn’t really a trick to it so much as each vocabulary word has its own reading. You’re going to have to try and memorize each reading for each word individually. But don’t fret! Once you’ve got it all memorized it’ll be smooth sailing from then on. Making up your own mnemonics can help.

I’m not the expert on this, tho! If someone else has any strategies on memorizing readings, I’d like to hear them too haha

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Dang it, well it was worth a try.

As of now I always feel unsure, like it’s a fifty fifty with those readings.

The おお ones are easy to remember tho

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Yeah luckily there aren’t any other kun’yomi for this one (as far as I know)

If you don’t count the readings for names: うふ、 お、 おう、 た、 たかし、 とも、 はじめ、 ひろ、 ひろし、 まさ、 まさる、 もと、 わ
(don’t shoot me)


every time an adult japanese person stumbles on some ridiculous 名乗り it makes my struggles a little easier


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