What is the maximum number of LESSONS you've accumulated?

I feel like I’m close to burning out, not because the words are getting more difficult, but because my daily schedule has changed and now it’s difficult to come back and do reviews and lessons during the day.

I’ve accumulated quite a mountain of lessons (450 lessons to be exact) in an attempt to keep up my leveling pace.

Care to share your own experience?

Edit: After I leveled up yesterday, I was at 500+. Managed to shaved it down to 450 when I posted this.

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About 250.

I don’t think I’ve ever let it get above 150. Anytime I’ve let it get too high, I’ll take some catch-up days at the beginning of a level, before I even start the radicals. My level up time takes a minor hit, but even then, my slowest level has only been 12 days (my average is a little under 9 days).
I think if you’ve gotten this far behind, you might just have to bite the bullet and take a few week to get things back under control? You don’t have to, obviously, it’s your learning experience.

When I was having the hardest time keeping things under control was when I was moving and renovating a house. I changed my lesson structure: 14 vocab lessons and 7 kanji lessons a day. Since then, I’ve been getting back down to zero lessons at least once per level again.

Again, its your learning experience. If you’re burning out, I think you for sure should slow down before you quit entirely. Take care of yourself :heart:


more than 100 is unacceptable for me.it is taking forever to complete.

Maybe it’s a good time to un-reorder for a while and flush out your backlog of lessons and reviews. It’ll help you cement your existing kanji knowledge. Taking a break on leveling up helped me cool down the burnout. Given that many of the early level kanji are some of the most common kanji, it could be good for you to really firm up your existing progress.



That’s the highest I’ve ever seen it.



one lol

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But… you start with 26

  1. I kinda got lazy doing the vocab and mainly just used the reorder script to do radicals and kanji. After getting to level 24 and went over 300, I decided enough was enough and I wasn’t moving on until I cleared out all my lessons. It’s taken me about a month, but I’m finally back down to 29 (basically just all the level 24 kanji know). It was hell trying to play catch up, so from here on out I’m going to try and avoid moving on to the next level until I’m caught up on lessons.

At least 540 about a week ago. I’ve been lazy after getting 60 and haven’t been doing all of my reviews on time. I’m down to 340 now and still have to do reviews later today so hopefully I’ll catch up soon.


But they asked about lessons. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Whoops. It’s getting late in the day and I didn’t read closely. :sweat: In that case probably about 200 or so right after leveling up without quite catching up on lessons beforehand.


Anyway, I agree with @timfreilly that it’s probably time to slow down and clear out the backlog. As it is, you’re not really reinforcing what you’re learning since you’re skipping the vocab.


I think the highest number of lessons I’ve had was maybe around 100? That usually happens after I’ve levelled up and unlocked the rest of the vocab from the previous level. I always take a couple of days to work through them though.

Something like 90. I unlocked many lessons after a big review and let it grow a bit during two or three days then did them in one go.

I’m only at the beginning but I really try to do things as soon as possible. I do my reviews as soon as I wake up, even before getting out of bed. Then I get notifications from phone or browser and do my reviews as soon as I get them, if I’m not in a meeting, that is. And I do my lessons as soon as possible, usually the morning or just after getting back from work.

I’ve burned several thousands cards with anki so while Wanikani is new for me, SRS isn’t and I really think it’s more motivating to have small stacks of reviews or lessons.

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Thank you for the advice! I think I’m going to try to see if I can reduce the lessons to at least 250 this week, and then re-evaluate at that time. I’m not quite ready to bite the bullet yet! :joy:

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Yup, that’s me since a few levels ago. :scream:

Very true. It’s getting harder to remember some kanji because I haven’t been doing the vocab. The only thing that’s saving me from total burn out right now is the fact that I already knew most of the kanji here.

In the 600’s…lmfao.
I don’t remember the exact number. Two to three months’ inactivity this past Spring semester.
That was a fun couple of days. I think it took about 6-8 hours total to bring that back down to size.

Those are reviews, right? Not lessons?