Kanji and radicals invisible on reviews

Oh hey there. Website fonts are one of those things that nobody except the website creators usually care about, because most fonts are either ones basically everyone has, or included in the website itself, but sometimes weird things like this can come up, because WaniKani does not include their fonts in the website.

Hiragino is included on Mac and iOS devices, but if you’re using anything else, it’s possible some things may not display the intended way unless you go out and find the font for yourself and install it on your computer. You can consider that the “proper” look of all the kanji on WaniKani, if that matters to you at all.

Here’s my original post for reference:


Do you know how to set on of those fonts as default? If I search on Windows directly, the only option I get is uninstalling/deactivating a font (and as I tried it with those that are only bold, Windows told me that they were protected and can’t be uninstalled). Within the browser I also got no option to change a japanese font (only the serif, sans-serif, …).
I tried to uninstall the language package/IME Japanese keyboard layout but I guess the font is still installed,since the kanji are still bold enough to fill my entire screen (little exaggeration here but who would ever want to have them displayed like that…^^)

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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Basically, your browser will look on your computer for the fonts, starting at the top. If it doesn’t find the first one, it will keep going down the list until it finds a match.

The fonts are set by the website. The only control you have is what fonts are on your computer. If you want the fonts in the list, you will have to hunt them down yourself and install them on your computer. I’m not sure if Yu Gothic is a default in Windows 10 or through the Google IME, but that’s the one I first had without grabbing the fonts myself.

If you follow these directions and install Source Hans Sans, it will be the new font on WK, unless you have Meiryo or Hiragino:


I do have Meiryo as well as SHS (so as I understood Meiryo is the one thats being used, since I dont have Hiragino installed). The display is still heavy-bold. Maybe I am overthinking things :roll_eyes:

For the non-germans: the “Deinstallieren” button right beneath the installation path translates to “uninstall”, so I should be able to use it?.

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Hiragino is similarly bold, so that is the intended look. Yu Gothic is probably the main font if you want something thin. You could make a small user script if you want to override the font order.

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By now I installed (in order)

Yu Gothic 1st
Meiryo 2nd
SHS 3rd
Hiragino 4th

but none of them made any difference. It feels like my problem is somehow different.
I don’t get what overwrites any of these fonts, as I dont have this "problem"in Kaniwani, Bunpro or Kamesame (although they may handle fonts differently) :frowning:

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