Font in reviews is now annoyingly

As the title says, the font used in my reviews is usually easy to read, but now it’s an annoying bold font.

I’m using a MacBook Air, on Google Chrome. I used this laptop from last September to November, and back then the font was not too bold. From December until today I used a MacBook Pro, also on Google Chrome, and there the font was also fine. Now I’ve switched back to the same MacBook Air I was using last year and the font has become much bolder.

I do realise there’s been questions asked on this before but the answer everyone had was ‘Jitai.’ I’m currently using that and after it’s marked the default font comes up, which is the bold one. The font used when typing in the reading is also more bolded than it was before.

No, it’s not userscripts that’s causing this. The bold font was there before I downloaded all the userscripts again on this laptop.

Here’s some screenshots:

This is the new bold font I find annoying.

Now here’s a font similar to what I had before. You can also see the bold font for the reading.

And this is the English version of the new reading font.

Is there any way to change the default font back to the non-bold one? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: The font used in lessons is also more bolded than before.


Maybe the default font used by your browser somehow got changed? You should find that somewhere under “options/preferences/settings” (not sure what’s it called in Chrome; I’m using Firefox). Would the problem with the bold letters remain in another browser (just as a test)?

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Thanks for answering! This is what I can see in font settings:

This doesn’t change Japanese font though. I don’t have any reviews right now, so I can’t check whether it changes that typewriter-sort font when typing English in the reading, but the font still stays bold in Lessons.
I can’t see anything about default font in other languages. Installing ‘Advanced settings’ in the Chrome Web Store and changing the font for Japanese didn’t work either. :pensive:

Oh, I forgot about doing that! I tried it in Safari and the font is normal there (if I ever get too annoyed, I can always use that instead haha). I much prefer Chrome though and would rather use WaniKani there.

Have you enabled an IME recently (or Japanese input source in the case of Mac)?

If you’ve installed an IME, it also installs a font. WaniKani has a list of fonts (in order of precedence) that it will use if they’re present on the system and the one the IME uses is higher in that list than the default system fonts.


I do have the Japanese input source, but it’s exactly the same as last year. It was installed in the MacBook Pro as well. :slightly_smiling_face:
Is there any way to change the font list order?

Have you updated to Big Sur?

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No, but maybe I should :laughing:

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Maybe it’ll help? :wink:

I don’t know, I’m just trying to think of what could have changed since you last used it.

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Everything’s updated now but the font’s still bold :disappointed:
Thanks for helping though :slightly_smiling_face:

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I also found the font WaniKani used annoying.
I changed it to Mincho using CSS and Stylish extension for Firefox.


This radical is also bold, it turns out it’s actually an image, not text. The radicals that are text are not bold for me. EDIT: It also happened with the “pope” radical, the image link is instead of text.

In that case they have to be, since they don’t actually exist in a character set. Only “radicals” that are actual Kanji will use text.

Oh that’s interesting! I didn’t know that WK made up radicals, I just thought they used different names / other kanji. Sorry that this doesn’t further the question though OP


It’s okay, I suppose I’ll just have to get used to it :sweat_smile:

Hey at least it’s not Windows. :wink:

A recent Win10 update completely screwed the IME shortcuts and it’s been frustrating me for a while now.


I know, ever since the update my previous method of typing in katakana no longer works, and I still haven’t figured out an easy way to get it back into katakana mode. The only thing I found that works decently is switching it to hiragana input, then hitting F7 to convert the entire sequence in one go. Funny thing is that they didn’t give any warning of the change, so the day after the update I thought I was going crazy.

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Exactly this :confounded:

I found a setting for “use old IME” and that seemed to fix it for a bit but it still randomly stops working.

I manually click the IME and select Katana. Which irks me because I hate taking my hands off the keyboard. F7 may work but I’ve got custom mappings for my F-keys so I may need to give that one up.

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