Order reviews by level?

I know of browser add-ons that do things like give current level kanji highest priority, or arrange everything in order of radicals, then kanji, then vocab. Is there one that simply orders things by level, though? As someone who let a 1000+ review deficit build up and knows it’s not going to get worked out in a day, this seems like it would be the best way to work out of the hole for multiple reasons.

ANY non-random order would be good, since it would mean anything I screwed up to apprentice/guru level would be sure to show up early in the following days’ reviews rather than just having a chance that it’s one that shows up randomly from the hundreds in queue. Starting from earlier/simpler ones just seems like a straightforward way to go about it–some people go to the extreme of wanting to start from scratch, but simply being able to order levels that way seems it would have most of the advantages of that without the many disadvantages.

I came here looking for exactly such an addon! Did you manage to find any?

Or something which puts current level stuff at the front, so I can at least start my lessons knowing I will see the items at the correct review times and work through the buildup in the spare time. (It’d greatly motivate me to have new stuff, you know. XD)


A chrome extension called wanikani customizer allows you to put current level radicals/ kanji at the front.

Is it a useful app? Does it order the vocab of the current level too? I don’t have chrome currently so that’s why I’m asking before I end up using it.

Im lazy so im just copy pasting the options menu

Reviews & Lessons

 Sort current level Radicals to the front of the queue

 Sort Burning items to the front of the queue

 During reviews, sort current level Kanji to the front of the queue

 During lessons, sort current level Kanji to the front of the queue

 Differentiate meanings and on/kun readings

It also allows you to redirectl you to review mode when you go to wanikani an have review available.

I dont think it works during lessons though, I always get a mix of radicals, kanji and vocab.

I haven’t found anything quite like I was looking for, no. I’ve done my share of programming, but messed very little with browser scripts/extensions; maybe this is a good excuse to do a bit of reverse engineering with existing scripts that reorder things and see what they’re doing. Though with userscripts.org having problems they’re not all there for easy viewing at the moment…

So I’ve been tinkering for the past few hours with Alucardeck’s “WaniKani Review Order” since it’s the review sorting script I already had. Using what I know now I think I could hackily change it so it does approximately what I was looking for.

In short, Alucardeck’s original seems to go through the list and first checks “Is it a kanji? If so, put it at the beginning of the list.” and then “Is it a radical? If so, put it at the beginning of the list.” In this way, it ends up with everything sorted Radical, Kanji, then Vocab.

Trying to see what information it had easy access to about each item I didn’t find level, but I did find ID, which seem to be mostly in level order, though I would guess there are exceptions where things have been rearranged or low level items added late. So it should be possible to alter the sorting code to “Is the ID below SOMENUMBER? If so, put it at the beginning of the list.” Doing this for regular intervals and compensating for the fact that there aren’t the same number of radicals/kanji/vocab, it should be possible to force it into an order that is similar to level order.

I can think of ways to be more accurate, but a partial solution that’s not a lot of trouble sounds good to me for now.

I have done what I said above. At first glance I think it’s working properly, but I haven’t exactly had much time to put it to the test. Especially since I did some ordered kanji in the early testing, so now it’s harder to see if the kanji and vocab are mixing up properly. But I think I can get to work on this thousand item backlog in a decent way now.

I emailed Alucardeck and he seems fine with anyone doing what they want based on his code.  “please feel free to use, modify and share to everybody else, they deserve it!” I’ve uploaded what I’ve got right now <a href=“http://joshuajamesslone.name/greasemonkey/WaniKani_Reviews_by_ID-ish.user.js”>here</a> if anyone wants to check it out. Turn off the original WaniKani Review Order script if you use it; I’m sure they’ll trip over each other. The sorting is much slower in my version than the original–whereas it had the two checks “Are you a kanji? Are you a radical?” as I mentioned in the previous message, my version currently has a few hundred, for different chunks of ID numbers for radical/kanji/vocab. I’m sure it can be done more efficiently, but it’s still just something that takes a few seconds so I’m not fretting too much.

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Thanks for your effort.
Does this only work for reviews or lessons, too? Im mostly interested in clearing radicals as soon as possible when i hit a new level.

This only affects reviews.