Anyone else catching up with KaniWani? Your strategy?

Just started with KW, and boy is it painful.

I found it impossible to catch up if I let all the levels unlocked.

So now Im going one by one. Im at level 5 now. Usually gives me 100 reviews. Im planning to go level by level, keeping a reasonable pace like this. 100 reviews takes me approximately 10 minutes to do, which is easy even on busy days.

I did have to stop WaniKani entirely though, I am just doing reviews - no lessons for the past month. I feel like Im learning useless stuff if I cant remember it actively (using KW). So now Im starting to become more confident and I would like to complete KW at least until level 15 before I resume doing new lessons on WK.

What about your thoughts?

Btw: Of course I have the “only burnt items” option selected on KW.


My strategy? To suffer, I guess?

Seriously, though, I started to use WK at 20 or somthng lvl and that wasnt much of a problem. My way of catching up with it was same as yours.

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Yeah, I think I started KW at around level 4, and unlocked every level at the same time. That alone already gave me a ton of reviews, so I can imagine how much worse it would be for you to do that.

Better late than never, I guess =) good luck catching up

I started using KW at lvl 9. Right now, I still have lvl 8 and 11 left to unlock. I’m going full speed on WK and I study other stuff every day… Unlocking lvl 8/11 right now would be a little めんどくさい.

If I was to start again, I would activate the option to follow WK progress right at the beginning as it helps you with WK a lot more. Then, I would go level by level on the missing ones from KW. I asked a few weeks ago to be able to unlock parts of a level on KW. For example, instead of unlocking 100+ items, I would choose how many I could unlock at once. The answer was positive and it seems it’s going to happen, not sure when.

So yeah… My approach would be:

  • Activate the option to follow your lvl on WK first
  • Then go level by level.
  • If the update really happens, go by x number of items/per day of your choice.
  • Review daily.
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I started using KW at the end of lvl 2 or beginning of lvl 3 I think. I still had a review queue of about 150 and I just pushed through it in one setting.
But it’s probably not so easy to just push through when you have like like a 1000 reviews backed up. Best thing you can do is just keep it going and you’ll eventually catch up.

I think I started KW around level 30? I never went on the forums that much in my early levels, so I probably didn’t discover it until around then. I don’t remember what I did, but I do remember having at least 1000 reviews. Never caught up, and never used it longer than a week, lol. Maybe one day…

I’ve also began with the earliest level (burnt items only). I do reviews daily until I don’t have 100+ items waiting for me everytime I check the website, lol. Once my apprentice is down to zero or if I feel like I’m not going to get any reviews soon I unlock the next level and do it all over again. Can’t remember when exactly I started using KaniWani but I am at level 8 now.

Also is it just me or does it feel like reviews are coming in way faster and more often than they do on WaniKani? I feel like I’m seeing the same items every hour or so without making any progress. :frowning: