Kana game for children?

Anyone know any good kana flashcard games for children?

My daughter used to use ‎ABC Alphabet Phonics - Preschool Game for Kids on the App Store for learning her letters. Hoping something similar exists for kana. Tried looking around, but can’t find a good one with an ‘endless’ mode. This one, a voice would say “find the x” and present you with a few bubbles with letters in them (more or less bubbles, depending on settings, depending on how you’re doing), and just loop forever, at random. This app does allow you to create your own, but after struggling to get pictures of a bunch of kana on the iPad (Apple products are awful), the app crashes every time I try to record the audio. Looks like the app hasn’t been updated since 2017, so something probably busted (crashes on iPhone too)

She’s four, so while she’s very eager to start reading, she isn’t able to yet, so apps that rely on ones ability to read, are out.


You’ve just said apple products are crap, but as you’ve said your daughter is using an iPad, these might be of interest.


Not a Flashcard game but still a good game for children.



we installed a couple apps for kids with tracing that makes lines of cute characters but very little is free and i never bought it in the end.

argh i can’t even give you a ref because it looks like one of the kiddies deleted the app!

it had numbers and kana.

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She’s loving that second one. The, whatever he is supposed to be, guy is a bit crudely drawn, and pronunciations aren’t great (ひ sounding a bit like し, etc).
She just came up into the office asking to play. Did a few rounds, looking back and smiling at me every time she got one. Now she’s moved on to ABC Mouse.


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