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I’d say just deal with it. It gives you a head-start on some of the kanji, which makes WaniKani easier later, and it lets you learn common words that you otherwise would have taken a lot longer to learn.

Also, I’d recommend using the top 10k words deck instead, the JLPT decks have a bunch of rare vocab that wouldn’t normally be used, and sorting by frequency means that every word you learn from it (provided you turn off shuffle) will the best word you could have learnt at that point. My only problem with the deck is how it has each month and day as separate vocab, but it’s only 43 extra words so it’s not that big of a deal.

is there a way to set Kamesame to be able to study just my leeches from Wanikani? I have a lot…

Under ‘Study WaniKani Items’ in the lessons tab, select ‘lowest % correct’ from under ‘proritize lessons by’. Also tick that box if it hasn’t been already.


Great post! Will definitely try this kamesame. Thx for posting.

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@searls Thanks once again for all your work. On converting to a paid app, as I’m a current patreon supporter, I certainly don’t mind swapping to a subscription model. Just please offer a “lifetime” option like WaniKani, if you can.

On features, I feel like I have such great coverage between WaniKani and KameSame, but there’s one additional gap I’d like to cover (or maybe I’m missing an obvious way to do this now). I wish KameSame had another mode where the only thing that was offered was the AUDIO of the word, and then you had to type the meaning in English.

Maybe this is a strange request, but I’m finding my reading of kanji is getting stronger and stronger, and my ability to type in a word using hirgana, if you provide the English word is good. But if I only “hear” the sounds with no visual or meaning prompts, my mind doesn’t seem to “translate” that into meaning. Sometimes I find I have to literally type the hiragana to jolt my mind to realize what the word is. So it seems like this “translation” is another separate skill.

With all the sound files, words, Kanji you have pulled into KameSame, it seems like this could be another whole mode by rearranging what is offered (sound) and what is accepted as an answer. But I may be WAY off both on how hard it would be to pull off, and whether anyone even needs it (other than me).

It just seems like I hear about a lot of people who can read/write well, but still can barely understand spoken Japanese and I wonder if it’s partially related to this gap?

Any thoughts welcomed. :wink: