KameSame - a fast, feature-rich Japanese memorization webapp

Are there any plans for adding custom vocabulary? I ask even though the search system already has so much because I would be interested in putting in complete sentences into my review queue as if they were vocabulary. Alternatively, you could add actual support for full sentences into Kamesame, but I expect that to be way out of the scope of your project.

Also I would greatly enjoy autoplaying audio, and like you mentioned I would donate/subscribe for a small amount of money just for this feature if that’s necessary for the server costs involved, and would love for it to become a full fledged program worth paying for.

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Appreciate this and noted on audio playback.

There’s no facility for custom phrases or vocab yet. I do want to add this at some point but I want to do it right, and in a way where additions can be de-duplicated with official sources, even if a dictionary entry is added after you’ve added a custom one. I’m also eager to figure out a way to moderate and validate custom submissions so that they can be shared with others safely and at a high level of quality


How did you add the 10k list? If you have a text file of it, wouldn’t you be able to just delete the bottom 8000 and 5000 rows for the 2k and 5k lists respectively?