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I have 2 questions, is there an option to ignore a wrong answer? in case of a typo/wrong kanji selected, sometimes I’m going so fast that I end up selecting the wrong kanji in my haste even though I know the correct answer, and it hurts :sweat_smile: to get it wrong.

And the other one is: Are you planning on implementing a timeline like the one Kaniwani has or the script by rfindley, so I can re-arrange my schedule knowing exactly at what time reviews will come?

Those are 2 features I miss from Kaniwani and I think Kamesame needs. :smiley:

I have an item in the backlog to mark correct answers as wrong (for example if you really don’t know an item you keep getting as an alternate match), but it’s going to be tricky to pull off in a way that can’t lead to really thorny database states.

In short, if you get an answer correct with the IME keyboard, congratulations, you got the answer correct. The goal is to be able to produce the right character or word, not necessarily know a particular reading. I observe a lot of Japanese people at their computers and phones and the symbiotic relationship forming between folks’ brains and the various IMEs’ learning software has had all sorts of downstream effects. Short of building a sufficiently robust IME that can be used in “Hard mode” for the sake of memorization, there’s not an obvious escape from this trend, as it’s much broader than language learners.

One aside, if you want to make it more challenging for yourself to really commit the kanji to memory you can enable the “batch” mode for study and use a character drawing keyboard.

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Ok, fix is deploying now. Sorry this was a git merge mistake

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Solid and understandable points. Thank you for that.
Also, this drawing keyboard might be a fantastic challenge.
Again, thanks for a great application.

  1. Currently no plans for an ignore button. Even if some folks could use such a feature responsibly, I know I (and many others) couldn’t, and would just rationalize a way into thinking I wasn’t really wrong. The veracity of the game, where the app is the source of truth of whether you know something is what sets apart WK & KS from Anki and other tools that depend on self reporting whether you know a thing.

  2. No plans for a feature like you described for changing review timelines, for similar reasons. Learnings can be deleted from the item page if you want to push them off.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to reply.

True an ignore button can be easily abused if you’re not responsable and honest with it, I do use it a lot though mostly on mobile for typos, with the rule of never using it except for that. The thing is that after a while with KameSame I started to get used to the IME and started gaining speed, but that leads to sometimes choosing the wrong Kanji, I guess I’ll just have to be more careful from now on :sweat_smile:. Another possible option could be to make it optional somewhere in the menu, disabled by default so it won’t be there all the time.

Also about the timeline, I think you misunderstood what I meant, what I mean is a sort of timetable showing exactly at what hour your reviews will come, you can check this link to see the script I was referring to for an example.

Oh and thank you! for the fantastic app of course.

small bug report: i’m getting this “after lessons” even though there’s no lessons to do and i’m not in the middle of lessons. i kinda suspect it’ll go away on its own, but i’ll poke back if it doesn’t.

Hi @searls I just got 久しぶり show up at level 10, but on WaniKani this is a level 34 item? Thanks for all your efforts.

I changed around some of the code that governs this message, but it still doesn’t make sense to me why you’d have seen it. After reading the code, the only possible understanding I had was that you may have loaded the page exactly on the hour, such that the next 6 lessons were no longer in the future, but before the reviews themselves actually returned as ready.

Those are pretty small odds, but they’re not impossible because the button is rendered based on the time of the application server while the reviews themselves are returned based on the database’s clock. Welp!

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Where in the application were you when you saw the word? It came up as part of the Wanikani lessons module? Can you share a screenshot and link to the word item?

Hi Justin! Thanks so much for your work in KameSame. It is leaps and bounds better than KaniWani imo. My only request for it to completely outclass KaniWani would be the Vacation Mode feature. I wasn’t able to do KameSame for a few days and had to spend hours doing reviews. Any plans to add vacation mode soon? I’m willing to pay a good price for the feature to be added if needed.

No need to pay for it, but you can help defray our server costs (which keep rising with KameSame’s popularity) by joining our Patreon

I took some time this morning to think of a reliable and performant way to implement a vacation mode without adding much complexity to the database or UI and I think I’ve come up with a good solution.

The pause & unpause buttons are found on the account page:

If your reviews are paused, the unpause dialog will also appear on the Reviews tab so as not to confuse anyone:

My favorite thing about how this feature is implemented is that it is :zap:wicked fast:zap:. Pausing hundreds or thousands of reviews takes mere milliseconds and the UI will update instantly to reflect the clearing out (or piling up) of your review queue. Compare to similar tools that trigger a batch process or limit you to enabling/disabling vacation mode once a day to avoid data consistency problems.


Too often, this was happening to me:

  1. See a word
  2. Type an alternate match
  3. See the correct answer along with the alternate match
  4. Either get the answer immediately right (since I just saw it) or intentionally get the item wrong because I didn’t really get practice at producing it

No more! A new feature I’d been meaning to implement for a long time! Ever since @marosluuce implemented alternate match hints (i.e. the “Hint: It’s not…” section underneath items when you’ve previously answered with an alternate match, it’s been on my to-do list to obfuscate the correct answer we’re looking for. This way you can still blind yourself to it and honestly produce the word that you didn’t think of the first time without spoiling yourself.

If you know you want to read the correct answer or its readings, just click/tap them and the blur will disappear. A subsequent tap/click will visit the item page as usual.

Here’s what the blur looks like:

And here’s a GIF in motion:


Maybe blur it more? I could read the つめたい while it was blurred (in first image of course)

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Sorry for the slow reply. I reset my KameSame account recently, and I couldn’t replicate what happened after that, but it appeared in new lessons on KameSame when I chose ‘highest level first’. Both of these showed up in fact:

I had a thought - I think the 久 kanji used to be around my level before one of the content updates, because I remember completing it on WaniKani, but then it disappearing from my pile when they moved it to level 34. Perhaps KameSame looked at my account and included it because it still counted as complete on my WaniKani account, despite it being moved out of my pile?

It seems as though resetting my KameSame progress inadvertently fixed it anyway.

Yeah, anything that moved around in a content update in WK isn’t going to affect an inflight learning in KameSame

That’s a cool feature, thanks! It just needs to be a bit blurrier, I think.

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Thank you so much for implenting Vacation Mode!!! I appreciate you so much Justin, and I will do everything I can in my power to contribute to your Patreon. My success in Japanese will be largely attributed in your work, and I will be forever grateful. ありがとうございます!

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Hi, I am new to both WaniKani and KameSame and have some questions before I will begin learning:

  • Should I first cover WaniKani and only after that KameSame or is it better to do it in parakllel?
  • I read that WaniKani has 60 levels and KameSame 100… so how would that work doing them in parallel?

Thank you for your help!

  1. I’d recommend doing them in parallel. I’d also encourage you to dump any word you come across and want to learn into your review queue by searching for it and learning it or by pasting a list into the text area on the lessons page
  2. KameSame’s level system is based on XP gained by leveling up items thru the various SRS stages, and it’s not tied to any particular content. Unless you drill an absurd amount of items every day, it’ll take most people about two years to reach level 100