Currently Free Kindle Books on Amazon Japan

So instead of just posting this constantly in various book clubs, I thought I’d start compiling a list of kindle books that are free on Amazon JP.
I’ll sort by category judging by how the book clubs have nominated the books and how I would rate them.

Of course there are many more than just these ones (Such as the shounen starter volumes), but here’s a good place to start.

You can also find various books by this author that are also free.

You can also search for free manga using this link.

Last Updated: 19/07/2019

It has been mentioned that if the book contains ‘期間限定無料お試し版’, it will be a temporary version. They usually have a date in the title to mention when they will be unable to be used.

Limited Time Free

ULTRAMAN vol1 vol2 vol3
君に届け vol1 vol2 vol3 vol4 vol5
Death Note vol1 vol2
Bakuman vol1 vol2
Hikaru no Go vol1 vol2 vol3
My Story vol1 vol2
Mob Psycho 100 vol1 vol2 vol3
Blue Exorcist vol1 vol2
Promised Neverland Volume 1
Kare Kano Volume 1
Child’s Toy Volume 1
Astra Lost in Space Volume 1
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V Volume 1
Fruits Basket Volume 1
Neighbourhood Story volume 1
となりの怪物くん vol1 vol2 vol3
こいいじ Volume 1

Previously Free

Nana volumes 1-3
7SEEDS volume 1-3
One Week Friends volume 1
宇宙を駆けるよだか (‘Switched)’ Volume 1

(Once Added) Always Free Titles By Difficulty




Itazuna Kiss volume 1
The Girl From Outer Space Volume 1
Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? 1
Peach Girl NEXT (sequel to Peach Girl) volume 1

Previously ¥0

Attack on Titan vol1 vol2 vol3
Fairy Tail vol1 vol2 vol3
Negima vol1 vol2 vol3
That Time I Got Reborn As A Slime(Manga) Volume 1


Good idea. :+1: How are you going to keep it up to date? New posts or editing the OP?

Can you separate it by books that are free to keep versus being a limited version? I think that’s the most important distinction to make.

(Most of your links don’t work though. :sweat_smile:)


I’ll be editing the OP and adding a reply in this post as an update.

They will be separated by limited time versions.

Yeah, I think maybe Nana was no longer free and therefore the link was broken, same with Neighbourhood Story.

Okay, maybe “most” was an exaggeration. Looks like Nana and Neighbourhood Story don’t work.

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Yeah, I just edited my reply, I guess they’re not free anymore and I just hadn’t checked yet. Sorry!

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Aah! Here’s one I’m super excited about - 宇宙を駆けるよだか (‘Switched)’
It’s a limited time free volume 1.
It recently (2018) had a Netflix adaptation called ‘Switched’.

I’ve added it under limited time.


The Netflix adaptation was really good!

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Mine just says “Not currently available”. Is it because I already got 2 free ones a couple of months ago?

For which one?

All the Shingeki no Kyojin ones.

I’m not sure, there doesn’t seem to be any limit on how many free books you can download as I’ve downloaded all the ones I’ve mentioned in my post.
Does the link work if you’re not logged in?

When I’m signed in, it says that I’ve already purchased this book, when I’m not signed in and in an incognito window, I get it looking like this:

Yeah, it only happens when opening the link while signed in.
I had my account set to English but I changed it to Japanese and got “このタイトルは現在ご購入いただけません。初めてKindle本をご購入される場合は、「コンテンツと端末の管理」の設定から1-Click設定をおこなってください。” instead. Which is weird because previously that wasn’t an issue. I’ll see if can fix it.

Doesn’t that just mean that it can’t find a Kindle to send to so it can’t do the 1 click buy?
Maybe your Kindle is mismatching with your Amazon account.

That wouldn’t really make sense, I’m seeing my Amazon books from my jp account on my iPad’s kindle app right now. That’s how I read some ハピネス volumes some time ago.

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For reasons beyond my understanding I had to go into コンテンツと端末の管理 / Contents and Device Management, then go into preferences and switch my Region to Japan. I don’t know why it wasn’t already set to that, given that I opened this account while being in Japan anyway and my current shipping address is in Japan.
Anyway, it’s working now. :smiley:


Added Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? and That Time I Got Reborn As A Slime (Manga)

Glad to hear

Pretty sure that should be slime. You know, like the ones in RPGs.

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Oh yes, I know, I just totally typoed it. I’ll fix it. Thanks for pointing it out.


So I wonder, where do I have to click to get the free version of the ebook? :thinking:

I figured from ohter posts, I have to add my Kindle somehow to my account. is it even possible to use a kindle with more then one amazon store?

This is amazing, definitely need to keep an eye out on this thread