Just Reached Painful Levels (11)

So after three months of saying every two weeks that I’m about to get burnt out on Japanese, I made it to the Painful levels.

As you can see, I pretty much stuck with it on a daily basis, except for two days in the vicinity of the free levels. I’m also speeding up instead of slowing down, probably to do with realizing that drinking while going through reviews and lessons is a sure way to fuck up my memory.

I also finally figured out when my reviews actually appear, and how the whole thing works, basically just before I hit level 9.

Essentially my method right now is this:

  • Reach level, do all lessons for previous level vocabulary, and just enough to get all the radicals down, pretty much within the hour of reaching the level.
  • Do the next review 4 or 8 hours later (depending on when I go to sleep), then the reviews after that right on time again for the radicals.
  • In the meantime, I’m doing lessons for the new kanji every now and then, this way I keep a manageable amount of new lessons at a time, which will translate later for vocabulary as well. Given that you essentially can only level up after you unlocked and filled up the kanji featuring the new radicals, this doesn’t actually increase your time on the level.
  • As soon as all radicals are learnt (3d11h in I think), just learn all of the new kanji, and repeat the same process (ASAP reviews) as for the radicals. Delay new vocabulary in small batches throughout like I did with kanji.
  • Try to level up as soon as the hour hits for the final reviews, and back to step 1 within the same hour.

My accuracy isn’t great, but I’m glad I’m staying over 95%. Hopefully with my new realizations of what to do and what not to do the rate should improve over time.


Hopefully, with a bit of luck I’ll be able to keep this up and hit my goal of level 27 before 2021 (all JLPT 5 and JLPT 4 kanji).

Hopefully this post wasn’t too @cringe, but it felt kinda obligatory.


That accuracy isn’t too bad. The vocab one is the same as mine (although my Kanji one is about 99%) and I’m doing max speed without the repeat reviews causing too much difficulty.

I definitely feel it with the drinking thing hurting accuracy. Being super tired also has the same effect.

Also, getting to level 27 isn’t just the N5 and N4 kanji, it’s like 900 kanji, so you are underselling it qute a bit (less than a third of those are N5/N4 kanji).

That accuracy looks great to me, the struggle to keep my Reading Vocab accuracy over 90% is real. I do find that when I only check it once a week (every Sunday) I tend to bump my accuracy up overall. Otherwise I find myself constantly checking it and it would make my daily reviews a nightmare because I would twist myself into knots trying to keep my accuracy up and it always back-fired.

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