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I’m prone to being tempted into staying awake late into the night/early morning. The SRS is triggering this behavior in me and I was wondering if you could add the option of telling the algorithm not to schedule reviews between 11pm and 8am? It’s easy for me to tell myself what reasonable behavior looks like, but it’s not so easy for me to go to bed around twelve when it’s less than an hour until my next review, and that can easily snowball into staying up until 2am or 3am if the reviews keep coming. So it would really help me if I could tell the algorithm “don’t let me review or study new stuff at night.”

Now I’m going to review those eleven 2am items and go to bed :sleeping_bed: :sleeping: :norway:.

And the cycle continues…


You can by taking new lessons with respects to the SRS systems time intervals. If you take your lessons in the morning or latest at 11 am they will not show up for reviews during night time. It’s a little bit more difficult in the first two levels since the intervals are shorter but beginning with level 3 it is regular.

Check out the WK knowledge base to learn more about the SRS system and time intervals. Also check out @jprspereira senpai’s guide to get some advice in how to establish a balanced WK - learn and sleep cycle :slight_smile:


Thanks, but morning time is reserved for work/university so evenings are when I can study Japanese. I’ll check out those resources tho:)

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Totally sympathize with this issue. I don’t think there’s any way to get the site to change the schedule but you can plan for it. Basically the first review happens in 4 hours, the next review 8 hours after that, then another 24 hours and finally 2 days.

So for me the best time to do lessons is like 8pm. That way I can do the first batch of reviews at midnight and have the next ones waiting for me in the morning. Of course when you get things wrong the pattern will get thrown off (and those make-up reviews might happen at odd times) but I feel less bad skipping like 2 or 3 reviews scheduled for 3am than I do skipping like all of the lessons I did.


In that case you can take them around 7pm. That means first review will be 11 pm. Next one will be 7 am … but you’re save to let them wait one hour, I guess :slight_smile:

(Except for the first two levels because of the shortened intervals. Here maybe 5pm lessons then 7pm and 11pm reviews should work… )

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Welcome to the community!

There is no such option. You do not need to do you reviews as soon as they available. As soon as you finish all pending reviews before going to bed, you’ll be fine.
Three sessions a day is one example of good routine. Example schedule:
8 am lessons
12pm reviews - very important to do review 4 hours after the lesson to refresh the memory
8 pm reviews

Alternative example (night owls): 6 pm lesson, 10 pm review, 6-8 am next day review.

Note: Level 1 and 2 have exceptionally short SRS intervals (2 instead of 4 hours etc), but it will end at Level 3. After few more levels, the general advise is not to take all available lessons at once, because it becomes overwhelming pretty fast.

All the best!


Thanks! It’s less that I think I have to do the lessons as soon as they’re available and more that “my brain” tends to decide that I will, and sleep be damned:/

I’d really love a user script that hides reviews within a designated window, so that they’re still there, but you don’t know it. Maybe adding them to the next day’s total too to further the bamboozlement?

Also, if you do the reviews in the middle of the night, past appr1 and 2, they will inevitably be back in the middle of the night the next time. You will just have to be strong and not do any reviews between the times you’d rather be asleep, and pay attention to when you do lessons as well. At some point they will stop unlocking in the night.

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i totally get what you mean, i have a tendency to stay up later than is good for me too, just finishing that last thing.

but with wanikani that is kind of counterproductive. i very strongly recommend working on a schedule, with a main review session at a specific time of the day. then do your lessons and first review 12 and 8 hours before that.

there are a bunch of variations on the theme you could try out, but that’s the basic timing of wanikani. and once you get even just a few levels in, it will become quite obvious ^^


Do them in the morning and finish up any four hour intervals (or 8 hour) in the afternoon, if you keep doing them late, they will end up being late…

I always do it at the same time, resulting in no srs after around 8pm

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