Just hit level 60


@Jinxyface How would you say your reading comprehension is? Do you still have trouble with some forms of media or anything? Also, do you have any plans for keeping your kanji memorized (i.e novels, media, news, etc.) Thanks and also おめでとうございます!

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How many people have even reached level 60? Is there a way to check current stats?

  1. Congrats!

  2. Is that … is that really true? 9-10 is the fastest possible time for most levels, I thought, which requires very specific timing and few/no errors. I was under the impression that the vast majority of people don’t maintain that pace all the way through. (I sure haven’t, but I might be on the slower side too.)


Nah. 6d 20h is fastest possible for slow levels. My fastest slow level was about a day longer, though.

I took forever and a day on Level 19.5 though

Here’s a graph to give a rough idea of distribution

EDIT: Replaced link with link to newer graph

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It’s okay, at least on basic things or slice of life stuff. TBQH I spent most of my time working through WK. I do flash cards with Anki and grammar studies with Bunpro and some textbooks, all of which is reinforced through native material. However I haven’t been reading/watching as much as I want. Now that I’m near the end of WK, my next process is to just dive into native material with a dictionary since the bulk of my kanji are done.

Diving into native material with a dictionary.


Congratulations! :partying_face: I can’t even imagine how reading things in Japanese must feel like knowing all those kanji. As others have said, you did well, mostly keeping every level under 15 days!
Enjoy your cake~ :cake:



Thank you for emphasizing this point. Each person has a different pace than the next person. I am at a slower pace than you and that is fine. The important thing is moving forward from where I was last.

Congratulations on this achievement! I can’t wait to join you at the top. Here have some :cake:


Awesome achievement ! well done :grin:

pretty consistent speed as well !


Here is a newer one.


Thanks guys.

Congratulations!! :tada: :tada: :partying_face: :confetti_ball:

where do you find this info?


I’m also interested in the answer to this question

More specifically, https://wkstats.com:10001 for v2 data like resets.

Nice work!

WKStats says I’ve been doing WK almost daily for 665 days. Definitely doesn’t feel that long.

Really? At level 17, it seems crazy that I’m not even 1/3 through. It feels like it takes forever! :pleading_face: Really, 1.5 years or so is not too shabby for becoming literate in Japanese, but I sure look forward to a time when I have more levels behind me than ahead of me.

been stuck on level 37 for god knows how long, there’s something cursed about that level.

anyways huge congrats!!! what an accomplishment!

This is mine, I always lost my motivation and keep getting it back up, it’s weird.