Jpdb kanji

Hi jpbd users. I just signed to jpdb and I see it teaches kanji but I do not see a way to a dd kanj do an empty deck. I was able to add vocabulary. My goal is to add some kanji not covered by WK. Is it possible to create a kanji card in a user deck?

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No. You can only add vocab cards, and JPDB automatically creates the necessary kanji cards.

I tried that but I did not see any kanji being added to the deck…

The kanji cards don’t show up in the deck, only during in reviews. Try clicking on a word in your deck and then on a kanji used in that word. Its status should say “new” or “locked”, that’s how you know it will show up in your lessons/reviews.

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Actually I see that it was added now. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the help!