Join us! 地縛少年花子くん・Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun 🚽 (Beginner Book Club)

Having so many people excited to give hanako a chance really makes me happy😙
I’m sure everyone will be supportive of new joiners and the vocab sheet really helps. Glad to have you all and welcome and hope you enjoy the ride.


My copy arrived today. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m looking forward to this!


Just ordered the book! Fingers crossed it arrives in time.

BTW, First timer to any book club ever so this is really exciting :heart: :heart: :heart:


You’re very welcome (^^)

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Same. The went offroad a little and use some extra radicals that I think are combos of smaller radicals that appear together frequently. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it means the kanji you’re looking for is tucked away under a radical you’ve never seen before.

Just ordered the book yesterday! Kinda late but I hope it will arrive on time. Also, first time joining this kind of activity (well, I only became a member just last week so…)

Been in and out in learning Japanese so I’m excited to be back and continue this journey!


Same to like all of that! I recently reset my Wanikani after a long absence…

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: Here’s for both of us ordering the book yesterday!


Count me in! (I pressed “nope” in the poll by mistake lol)


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Just bought the book today and read the first few pages and I am enjoying the story.

I am happy this was chosen for the Book club, because when the anime came out and I read the title, I thought this was an anime about some 5-year child who was crazy and liked going to the bathroom… LOL. I mean I thought the toilet-bound was running towards the toilet and not someone who lives in the toilet (moaning Myrtle says hi)

So yeah… that’s my creative brain… and the problem with ambiguous translations!


That’s exactly what I thought when I read the title, but in my mind it served as an endorsement :stuck_out_tongue:


I took the cover off the book to look at it, and there was a small comic thing on the front.

Nene was asking Hanako why he’s known as ‘Hanako-san’ despite being a boy, and Hanako replied: 「性欲に負けた」

Based on the translation I found of [性欲], it seems to say something like ‘I lost to sexual desire’ lol

Could somebody please tell me whether this means something else in this context, or does Hanako just feel pleasure from being thought of as a girl?? I mean I ain’t gonna judge him, I’m just curious for the sake of learning the language lol


I think you’ve got the 性欲に負けた part right, but I think the joke is he’s saying he became 花子さん (in the conceptual sense of a ghost that haunts a girl’s bathroom, more than just the name) to perv on girls.

(I looked it up in the digital edition and found a couple places discussing it and that interpretation seems to line up. Plus her さいてい after makes more sense that way)


Week 1

We. Are. Go!

(For those who are new, we post the threads at this time so that they’re ready for those waking up on Saturday morning just west of the date line :wink: )

The most important rule of book club us: post all your questions! The discussion depends entirely on people asking questions, so don’t be shy / feel like you’re posting too many / feel like they’re too simple, whatever. (Just remember to make sure your question hasn’t already been answered, provide the page number, and blur out any spoilers.)

Finally, I’d recommend setting this thread to ‘watching’ so that you are notified when the new discussion threads go up :slight_smile:


Excited to join in on this book club :smiley:


So to make sure, every week a part to read is set, and then we discuss both the language and anything else about it. Is that how this works?

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Yeah! Be sure to set the weekly discussion threads to “watching” to stay abreast of discussion. Ask and answer whatever questions you want, be it about grammar help or content discussion. And you can also make use of the community vocab sheet.

Awwwsome, thanks.

Week 2

I have had an internet nightmare so made this thread on my partner’s phone… Has it worked? I don’t know!

We’re finishing up chapter 1 this week :slight_smile:


I’m afraid it hasn’t worked, but I think this is the link here: 地縛少年花子くん | Week 2 Discussion 🚽

Does that work?

Edit: (That is me assuming it’s the second week topic you’re trying to post haha)