Any apps that show JLPT vocabulary progress?

There are a few statistics apps such as WaniKani Statistics that show the progress against the JLPT kanji lists, but I can not find one that shows similar progress against the JLPT vocabulary lists. Are there any?

I’m sure there’s some around, but what there aren’t, are official JLPT lists. So the lists that do exist are just made up based on “reasons”.

I haven’t come across any site that shows comparisons with vocabulary. There are some sites that do have vocabulary lists but I’m not sure of their validity.

I supoose you you could use them as a guiding tool but that’s about it.

They’re based on contents of prior tests, aren’t they? Or were there official lists earlier?

Dwarsen said... They're based on contents of prior tests, aren't they? Or were there official lists earlier?
I think there may have been earlier lists. But these are also prior to the restructuring of the old 4-1 levels into the N5-N1 levels.  

However, I've never been able to trace the JLPT lists that appear on places back to an actual source of how they were compiled.

But then again, aren’t the 103 JLPT N5 kanji also just a best guess based on what was in the old lists (pre 2010 from what I can gather)? It just seems a bit strange to me that there is so much emphasis on the kanji, when surely it is the vocabulary that you actually need.

Either way, compiling a list of kanji would be a lot less effort than a list of vocabulary. So as far as unofficial efforts go, it makes sense for kanji lists to be prevalent. 

There is a website where you can enter your API key and it gives you various information, including what kanji you have covered according to JLPT Kanji list.  Though, as it was mentioned before, its not an official kanji list so not sure how… accurate it is.   The information was pretty interesting to look at though.  It shows the average time you spend on a level and time spent per level.   My lvl 2 was apparently 54 days… what the hell was I doing??

I like this one, similar to the above one, enter your apI key and get stats on your progression time and JLPT percentages.
(Keep in mind the time it lists for each level of the JLPT is when you will know 100% of the kanji on that test. you could easily pass them knowing 70-80% of the possible kanji that will show up)