JLPT N5 Vocabulary Input Quiz(647 questions in total)

Hi, I’m Marshall!
I have made a quiz to help you practice your vocabulary. It’s free.
Hope it’s helpful!



Had "記念品’ come up for the N5 quiz and according to jisho.com it’s not included in any of the JLPT levels.

There is no official JLPT N5 Vocabulary List, different sites have different lists. but it won’t hurt to learn it since it’s used often.

Hmm, I’ve never heard someone use it, personally. I imagine it’s not a super rare word, but I too agree that it seems a bit of a stretch for N5.

Additionally, I imagine none of the kanji in 記念品 are taught at the N5 level. They’re likely more around N3.

I have removed it already!

Also, is it supposed to give the same 10 words each time? I tried it 3 times but it was always the same.

No way, I tried it myself many times, different words appeared every time.

Yeah, can’t get anything other than the same 10 words. I also got 記念品, so I wonder if it was the same words Jonnyhg saw as well…

Using Chrome.

I have tried and I also have always the same 10 words.
First one is always 急ぐ

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I think it’s the cache problem. Maybe you can clear your cache and try again. Anyone else met the same problem?

I have tried this using Chrome On PC, it works, but on mobile, only Safari works. really weird, I will see how to solve this!

I found the problem. It’s the cache system. It can be solved by logging in. I registered an account using another email, It works!

Yeah, when I cleared the cache I got different words, seems this was the reason.

You can try making an account and you will get different words without clearing cache system. For better user experience, I enabled cache system for visitors.

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