JLPT N5 Question

I’m taking the N5 in December. Yay. However, I feel that the more I learn about grammar the less grammar I know. There seems to be so many rules in Japanese and I feel like it get lost breaking down the context of sentences in the midlength reading portions and I have huge trouble with the paraphrasing section because I can’t always think about the one to one support of changing to something that is similar.

Also if anyone has advice for Question words, I would really love some. The problem is, I cannot understand which ones are the ones to use and I get flustered when I feel like one would be better but doesn’t appear on the test.

Basically I have reached total panic. All help is loved.


Meet your android sensei. She will fix up all those grammar inconsistencies

I don’t have much to offer for the test itself, but good luck!

Best teacher for Japanese. Go nowhere else. :slight_smile:

I took and passed JLPT N5 December last year - here’s my personal experience for you:

The most trouble I personally had was listening comprehension. Vocabulary, Kanji, Grammar, it was all much less terrible than I anticipated, and I was really nervous as well. The thing I’d most recommend for JLPT: Listen and listen and listen again to “JLPT listening comprehension examples” on Youtube!

As for grammar, since you explicitly mentioned that: Know your particles! A lot of grammar test problems will focus on “fill the blank with the proper particle”.

And watch this video of a native speaker do the official N5 example test (which you can download and try for yourself on the JLPT homepage). The explanations are great! :slight_smile:

I’m crossing fingers for you, best of luck, you can do it!


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