I’m going to faillll

So this is me trying to get help from random people on the internet.As most of you know the jlpt is in 3 months(so close ikr) and most of you have studied right? But not me… I was slacking of on Japanese and barely doing anything accept my twice a week lessons and small homework. And now I look at quick tests online and I fail completely… I don’t want my 100 pounds to go to waste so… HELP ME.I now study for 3-4 hours a day but is that enough for only 3 months?? I need help …

Thank you and さようならー


Which one are you taking? N5? Easy. N4? Easy.

N3 is where I’d have to start questioning it


I’m taking the n4 now that you say it’s easy I feel a bit more relieved…But do you have any suggestions on what I should do?

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May the Great Cat of Confidence return to you and may the Great Cat of Success help you pass the exam! :cat2:

Also, these kittens


asked me to tell you they are rooting for you too! :cat2:


What do you feel your weaknesses are? Reading? Kanji? Listening?

Reading and grammar-…

So that’s what you focus on.

I haven’t done the JLPT (though I plan to at some point), so I’m sure others can give better advice.

Focus on grammar if that’s your weakness - reading needs grammar. What are you using for a grammar resource?

There’s no harm in working on other things too - if your kanji knowledge is great for the exam that’ll help pull your marks up.

Also look at practice exams as knowing the format is part of the battle.

If I was you, I would make a list of all the grammar points that I don’t know well enough yet. Then I would calculate how many I need to go through per week in order to be done with all of them in time for the exam.

Edit: If possible, give yourself a little extra time at the end for review and practice tests.

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get todai app and see the jlpt mockup tests there, you will see n5 and n4 are easy

just manage your time.

Keep in mind, N4 will only be easy if you work seriously during these 3 months. You are level 9, you don’t know enough Kanji, I’d recommend you aim for level 15 before you take the exam. That can be done in less than 2 months.

Personally, I haven’t touched grammar, all I can recommend is watch this playlist
As for how I know my grammar, as weebish as it sounds, anime has given me a decent feel for what sounds right and wrong. At the very least, I recommend watching something as well as the playlist I linked.

For reading, you’ll only get better if you actually read. I recommend reading some free books right here
You can filter books to N5 and N4 and the free option so you can just download a PDF and read them. N5 might be too easy, remember if it’s not challenging you and you don’t learn from it, it’s not worth reading and you should move up and read the N4 books.

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Do you have to do this test for work or school? If this is just a personal endeavor, make a realistic study routine and settle into it easy. Japanese is long term and not a race. Racing to pass some test that doesn’t matter is a quick way to kill your love for a hobby. Take it next time around and instead get satisfaction from watching yourself improve as you study. I recommend listening to beginner japanese podcasts while you clean/cook/walk/drive to get those extra hours in. You got this.

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Thank you so much I’ll try my best​:joy::triumph:!

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might as well learn some new vocab out of it 不合格

でも, 合格するといい! 頑張って

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