JLPT Mock Tests

Is there any source out there where I can just hammer out mock tests. I’m from the USA and we have a nationwide standardized test called the SAT and I used Khan Academy to study for it and it helped a lot as they just let me hammer questions after questions. Same with another type of test we have called AP tests. I just find constantly having exams to practice with whether actual former ones or mock really help me out. I know there are some sites or books with a few tests but I’m curious if there are any that let you just keep going at it.

Google is your friend for things like this.

Here’s an option https://japanesetest4you.com/


Well Nihongo Quest N5 is currently in development right now, but you could use that video game to help you study for N5. The website the above user gave you is a good website. I think Renshuu app has a mock test feature maybe you’d have to check it out as I have never used it. Easy Japanese Todai (an app for reading Japanese) I believe they have tests for each JLPT level too.

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The JLPT org deliberately doesn’t publish past tests, so mock tests are a bit thin on the ground, because somebody else has to make up tests that roughly match the contents and timing. Some publishers of JLPT prep books include some sample tests.

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