Looking for some listening textbook recommendations


I’m looking for some listening textbook recommendations for an intermediate learner (JLPT N2ish). However, I’m not really fussed if it is JLPT orientated or not.

I quite like the style where there is a fairly long dialogue with questions relating to it.

Thanks for any help.

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Since I actually need this for JLPT N2 preparation, I had a look around the 3A Network (Minna no Nihongo) and their JLPT preparation series Shinkanzen Master has a separate 聴解 book.

Edit: Just downloaded the listening mp3s to that shinkanzen book from the 3a website for free. But the exercise book you still have to buy, of course. The sound files do include the questions, though, so as long as you trust yourself to give the right answers, I guess you don’t need the book.


Thank you!

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