JLPT level indicator script?


So for a while now I’ve been copy-pasting each item I’m learning on Wanikani into Jisho to see what JLPT level they are, so that I can focus on reading example sentences of items from the N3 level.

I was wondering if there was any script that displays the item’s JLPT level? Or maybe the whole definition from Jisho? It would save me so much time.


Theoretically not impossible, as long as Jisho offers an API of some sorts.


There isn’t such a script as far as I know, but we do have that one script which fetches the “common” indicator from jisho, so editing that script to show JLPT level shouldn’t be too hard.


Jisho API doesn’t currently return this data as part of the keyword search results. You can specify a JLPT level for the search, but then you’d have to search each level. Also, some words can appear in multiple JLPT levels.


Consider downloading a plugin for Firefox or Chrome like Yomichan. It’s useful for more than just Wanikani.


I don’t think this is exactly what you want… but this statistics site which uses your API key gives a couple different useful views if you want to check your progress:

View 1: https://www.idigtech.com/wanikani/#items.jlpt
View 2: https://www.idigtech.com/wanikani/#charts.jlpt


[EDIT] Don’t use the script below, it uses a somewhat inaccurate source for determining the JLPT level of each kanji (specifically, it’s based off of the old JLPT 1…4 tests rather than the new N1…N5 tests. Sorry for making such a stupid mistake). Use my new script instead. [END EDIT]

I was bored so I made it a thing. JLPT Level should show up just underneath user synonyms. Uses KanjiDic2 for information, rather than Jisho. I thought this was the source that Jisho uses, but they appear to disagree occasionally (e.g. 米 is N3 according to Jisho, but N2 according to KanjiDic2).

I might end up making this into a more complete script later with various other bits of information (e.g. Japanese school grade, Mandarin reading).