JLPT 2022 thread(Results out now!)

Finally passed N2! (Third attempt, spread over 6 years)

This time I basically ignored test prep and grammar except the week before the test I refreshed myself on the test and question formats.

Instead I did WK and spent a lot more time reading: news articles (often reading aloud with a tutor), manga, anime and games with Japanese subtitles for fun.


I know I missed a couple “easy” questions in the Vocab/Grammar section due to mixing up kanji radicals and not studying grammar or specifically for the test at all over the last 2 years, and obviously that section wasn’t a clear pass, but I still feel like my actual Japanese knowledge has really improved.

And this also helps direct my study better going forward, since I know I’ll want to concentrate more on kanji and grammar in addition to reading.


But to pass, it should be above 67% no?

So true! I feel like every listening dialogue on the test is missing the final sentence. Like:
“So, our next Sunday off, should we do A, B, C?”
"Well, A is… "
“But B…”
< test question: what will they do next Sunday? >
“Okay, we’ll do C, then. See you Sunday!”


No :slight_smile:

You can check it here: Scoring Sections, Pass or Fail, Score Report | JLPT Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
For N5, you need 80 points in total (and 19 / 38 points in the subsections). So you are safely in 合格 territory! :+1:


Has anyone created a JLPT 2023 thread yet?
I’ve just prepared my application for July :grin:

I’ll also be attending Dokomi, so that weekend is going to be an absolute disaster absolutely wild.


There’s also the forum search ^^


Oh sorry, I was being a bit too lazy there.


I sadly can’t make the Summer JLPT, that one always ends up right before some exam :see_no_evil:
This is the only reason I don’t want to take the N1 200 days after the N2, anyone saying otherwise is lying
However, @Scylie is currently very enthusiastic about taking the N1 in December, and after partially talking her into the N2 I feel like I have no choice but to agree, so… This clearly means you all need to take it with us again @NicoleIsEnough @downtimes @RvNovae :man_shrugging:


Yeah, sure, what could possible go wrong :joy:


Hahaha I suggested this about two hours ago to @Myria :laughing:

For me, it will be a disaster if I’ve ever seen one, but hey - at least we get to eat some nice ramen and whatnot :upside_down_face:


“enthusiastic” blob_nervous
The high of passing has not quite worn off yet, that’s probably a horrible time for any kind of decision making :joy:
But I’m up for it. Would be just for fun and not really a serious attempt to pass (:see_no_evil:), but

- exactly! :laughing:


Naah, you’ll be fine. You just read 100+ 新聞記事 about war, economic depression, the negative impact of rain on train tracks, etc. + classical Japanese grammar and you’re gold :wink: .


Yea baby🥳 Passed!
Listening was a struggle as I expected but luckily got enough points to pass.

N4 next December かもしれない


You need 50% in each section. And like a couple on top. I don’t think it’s 67%. That sounds kind of high.

It’s lower than that – for N5 the sectional pass marks are 38/120 and 19/60, and you need 90/180 overall. (The way the scores are calculated means that doesn’t correspond to “33% of questions answered correctly”, which is why you find other higher %s floating around in the test-taker lore for what might be a passing mark for practice tests etc.)


This is starting to jog my memory. But for the n2 I think it’s like you need 21+ in each section but collectively over 50% to pass.

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N1-N3 are all 19/60 per section; the overall pass mark varies, though, being 95/90/100 out of 180 for N3/N2/N1 respectively. (That sounds weird, but it’s what the official website says…)


A massive congratulations to everyone who has passed! Some impressive looking scores on here! :grin:

I’m very happy to say I passed the N5, I was a little worried after the reading section but my vocabulary/grammar score really carried me through. I used WaniKani for about 2 months before sitting the exam and I’m excited that this is a way I am able to learn and retain kanji after so many years of struggling.

I hope to sit the N4 this summer and spend a lot more time focusing on listening and reading.

I do not regret the whisky I drank after…




Nope, only 19 of 60 (and for the grouped sections in N5 and N4 it’s 38).

For N5 it’s only 80 overall, for N4 it’s 90 overall.

I think the weird points scheme of 95/90/100 might be because they slotted in N3 after the fact? But this is just my idea, I have no proof.