JLPT 2019!


Except for maybe getting used to how the procedure works, and I simply like taking the tests and see it as reading / listening practice :smile:


Düsseldorf has lots of large rooms available, they definitely had more than 500 participants last summer. So you don’t have to immediately register within the first month. The earlier the better, but I don’t think you have to worry :slight_smile:


I just barely failed the N2 back in July, and I’m eager to attempt the N1 this year in December (I know that’s an insane leap, but I’m excited to be my best Hermione)!


I want to do the N4 but I’m not confident if my grammar is good enough (which also weakens my reading). I also don’t want to wait until next summer to take it…


I made the jump from N5 to N4 between last July and December. It was a bit stressful because I had to make a study plan to make sure I made it home in time and somehow I was always lagging behind what I had planned to do but but it was doable.

There is still plenty of time until July so if you set it as a goal now and clear some new grammar points every week it should totally be possible. So maybe just go for it and use it as motivation to focus a bit more on grammar for a while? You can do it!! :slight_smile: :sunglasses:


I plan on taking N2 in July (hoping but not expecting to pass) and then again in December. I’m currently going through Tobira to sure up my N3 knowledge and then I’m thinking of buying the N2 shin kanzen master reading and grammar books.


I managed to scrape a pass in N2 last summer, the result of which visibly shocked my Japanese teacher as he had not expected me to pass. However, I don’t really feel like it was an achievement as I only really felt as if I understood the listening section, some of the reading section and then guessed the rest.

Whether my WK level will be sufficient by July to make the exam feel different to last summer (I basically didn’t study any kanji for almost a year, so my level was still only around 21 when I took the exam), but I know for a fact that I need to study the grammar properly as that really did hamper my ability to know what I was doing.


This July, I’m going to take N2 in Kyoto. Unlike last year with N3 I feel a lot more confident in passing!

I’m trying to find a balance with focusing on native materials like reading books, playing games, etc. while also doing JLPT-specific study like grammar books and vocabulary lists.


Thank you for the topic. i was checking the application dates time to time… aiming for N5 in istanbul.


I think I’ll do N4 in December. I’m still not sure I passed N5, but either way I’ve learned quite a lot even since then.


I live in the states, and the nearest testing location is quite a ways for me, so I think I’ll try in a couple summers, just to make it worth the trip- then I can plan out some sightseeing alongside. Probably will be taking N3 or N2.


How did N1 treat you this time? Are you more confident in the results?


I was sick on the day of the test, so I couldn’t concentrate to the best of my ability. As such, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reading section did me in, since it requires the most prolonged concentration.


I’m deaf and have taken the N4, N3, and N2 tests without any problems. You will need to apply for accommodations separately from your test application. In my case, the listening part of the test was completely waived - I didn’t get a score for it, and the pass/fail cutoff, I believe, was based only on the other components of the test.


Yesterday I made a little spreadsheet about how many grammar points I have to cover on Bunpro and how many Anki cards I have to add until the July JLPT and what that would mean per day and week. And which WK level I would have to reach at which point in order to be prepared for the N3. It is all a little bit much (bordering on impossible and reaching the burn out zone) but I discussed it with my teacher and we agreed that it could be done and it will be a fun challenge. I can still attempt it again in December when I fail.

And just today I received the info that I will have to be in Düsseldorf for work reasons in that week anyway so I’m taking that as a sign that this is a good idea. :slight_smile:
So now I’m sure: I’ll take some JLPT in July. N4 in case I failed it (we’ll know soon enough :worried: ) and otherwise the N3.


Where did you find your language exchange partner? I am Melbourne based and I definetely need to do this.


Currently grinding to take N1 this winter.
I mainly use memrise and the N1 courses ppl made, next to the stuff, that I found myself.
Listening can only be improved by, well, listening. I have been trying to listen to more hardcore stuff, like political talk shows, but man, that stuff is crusty and boring.


Find a podcast of a topic you enjoy.


I just noticed that the test dates have been confirmed, I will be updating this info in the top post:

On a personal note, I passed N4 :slight_smile: So I will be attempting N3 this year :partying_face:


So I passed N4, but for some reason, after finding out how I did I’m more nervous than I was before about N3. (Is this a normal reaction? :joy:)

Anyway, folks who just passed N3, please share the study methods that helped you the most :pray:t4: