JLPT 2019!

Passed N5. The scores aren’t what I expected (except for the listening, because I’m really bad at listening). I hope I will do better this year with the N4.


You royally passed lol

I’m pretty happy with my score. I thought I had done a bit better at listening, but woo, N5!


Passed N3 :slight_smile: thanks to Wanikani and Anki. 110/180 (second attempt)


Thanks for the reply!
I’m a newbie here on the forum so I’m not sure which bookclubs you’re talking about. xD If you’re part of one, could you link me to it? :slight_smile: Thank you!

Sure :slight_smile: They are all accumulated in this post:

You can check the books that are currently being scheduled and being read, based on the level of difficulty you are aiming for. There are samples of the books so you can check for yourself what would be suitable for you. Also, the threads of previously read books are good sources for explanations etc, and please feel free to ask questions there even for books that were read long ago - people are still monitoring the threads and will usually still answer.


Good luck with that…once baby is here you’ll not be studying much i’ll tell you. Do as much as you can before it comes.

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Oh same as me!!

Didn’t do well in my grammar/vocab but thats because I didn’t really study for it aside from taking a couple of past papers the week before :sweat_smile: i’m totally going to study for N4 though. No way i’m passing that without studying.


But no need to do it over :wink:

Amen to this. @mystcloud
I have a 5 year old and she goes to school now, so I can finally study for a few hours a day.
Anyway, the first few weeks I remember having no time for anything but baby stuff and sleep.
If the baby sleeps well during the day, you’ll have some time though. Provided they sleep well during the night too.
When you’re in the middle of it, time seems to go slowly. But then one day you wake up and it’s the first day for school and you’re all… where did the time go?


Aiming for N2! I thinkt he jumo from N3 is going to be a bit hard, I just need to drill kanji and grammar like crazy I think.


Hehe this is my second so I’m well aware it’s going to be… difficult… but my husband will be home with me the entire time I’m on leave and toddler is staying in daycare. I’m hoping to fit in at least some wanikani while trapped on the couch holding a sleeping baby or while feeding them.


I recommend short bursts of study during baby downtime… use the auto wrap up script to do 10 reviews at a time - it’s great for filling small gaps in time, which I feel is best for “eating the whole elephant”. Enjoy this time… it passes immensely quickly - I’m about to send one out of the nest next fall, and another to follow just 2 years after.


Ah that sounds doable if its your second and toddler is at daycare!!

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Oh yeah, that tool is a lifesaver, I use it all the time to fit in quick sessions during my train commute. They do grow so fast, I can’t believe how big my toddler is already and it’s going to be really weird having a tiny baby again.

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Yeah, we wanted to keep his normal routine as much as possible. Gives me more time to bond with the new baby too!

Random question for all of you who passed the JLPT outside of Japan: Did anyone receive their certificate yet?
Yes, I am aware their website states that they’ll be mailed out to local host institutions early February, I am just being curious… :slight_smile:


Nope, not yet. I’m trying to wait patiently, but it’s hard.
Early February has come and gone, which makes me think it’s any day now.


Nope, not yet! I got an email from University of Edinburgh for me send them my address again in email this time, because the online form didn’t pick it up right (not local). That was a month ago, I think, before results came out. Since mine needs to be sent from UK to Netherlands, it might take a day or two longer for me, though.

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Hmmm - I bet it’s gonna show up sometime this week. But at least I now get to look for something nice between all those bills and stuff when opening my mailbox…