Jisho Audio


I know that a bunch of people in the WaniKani Community also use Jisho.org, so I made a user script that ya’ll might find useful. The script adds a “Play Audio” link to each word and sentence on Jisho that does not currently have any audio associated with it.

Install the script from here:

Report bugs here:

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What audio does it play?


From Google translate


A bit of trivia:
The audio on Jisho was provided by Tofugu / Wanikani.


Ahh, I was wondering why Jisho had WaniKani levels next to some of the words. Must be some sort of collaboration.


That’s true without using my script, but only partially true with the script. If the script is installed and you’re viewing a word with no audio or a sentence, then the audio will be provided using Google translate.