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Hello or Konichiwa,
I am having trouble with the second part of the quizzes. I can see the radical and translate into english, but when they ask me to translate into Japanese I have no idea where to start or how to spell. Is Konichiwa spelled right? I have no idea. Then I see the radical for person and I can translate into English, but I have no idea how to begin typing this in Japanese. I guess I missed that part of the tutorial. Failing miserably here. I saw someone talking about flashcards. Where are the flash cards in the tutorial? I would love to practice those too. So sad. I’ve learned Spanish and English, but the letters are SO different in Japanese and so many variations. I will keep trying. As my son says, “Never Give UP.”

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Tofugu has a guide on learning hiragana. This is a prerequisite for using WaniKani. Katakana is also necessary, but will appear less frequently.


You can check the prerequisites here: https://knowledge.wanikani.com/getting-started/prereqs/

And you can see more about how WaniKani works here: https://knowledge.wanikani.com/getting-started/how-wanikani-works/

As Leebo said, you do need to learn hiragana before you start WaniKani. There’s plenty of ways to do this if you just search Google, but Leebo’s link should be the best way to do it. I learned hiragana with the Tofugu method as well so I can vouch for it.


I’m no expert but I too learned hiragana on Tofugu first and then started here. I’m still learning the katakana since there have been some vocab that uses it. I love the Tofugu site! So much fun and very relaxed and all the side exercises like the drag and drop… I do that almost every day now to keep me sharp!

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I also learned hiragana and katakana on Tofugu. It was really effective and fun. I would also recommend Kana Warrior after doing the Tofugu guides. It’s a free typing game on pc where you can practice kana. You have to be a fast typer though.

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