Japanese Universities 留学 -Studying Abroad


I’m looking for people who are studying/have studied at a Japanese University!
Quick side note, The main reason I started studying this beautiful language out of many was so I could combine a qualitative education with an experience. I have already set my eyes on a couple of different Uni’s but I would love to hear your guys story!

What university are you attending/attended? What are you studying/studied? What are/were the positives and what are the negatives regarding your Uni? Where do/did you stay in a dorm or some other type of accommodation? How well are you as a foreigner in Japan able to integrate? If you have already finished your education, are you still living in Japan? Any tips and tricks?

I’m looking forward to reading your answers! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Best regards not a Nihongo sensei


While you’re waiting for more detailed responses, I just wanted to tell you that there’s a course on Coursera from the University of Tokyo about studying at Japanese universities. The course is in English and you get to hear people share their experiences. There are also tips on what to look out for. It’s probably not as detailed, specific or personal as what you might hear on these forums, but it’s a good start.

Meanwhile, I’ll be watching this thread as well, since I hope to do a degree at the University of Tokyo some day. I hope you get helpful answers. :slight_smile:


Are you interested in study abroad experiences as well?
It’s a bit of a different experience than what you described in the intro post.

Are you looking for undergraduate experiences? or graduate?

Are you transferring from an existing university setting, or looking to enter a japanese university straight from high school?

Sorry for the interrogation :sweat_smile: Hopefully hearing a bit more about your situation can help folks share theirs.

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I am also interested in this as well. I am applying for several graduate programs throughout Japan. I guess I would have the same questions as above, but in addition I study astrophysics and am keen to find out information about studying the sciences in both English and Japanese.

Some might note that several national universities offer both UG and PG programs in English, especially in the sciences where the international research language is currently English. However, while many papers are published in English, major research even in the English-taught programs is conducted in Japanese.

Anyone with personal experience, maybe even a research internship (RIP the UTokyo Research Internship Program [UTRIP] two years in a row :frowning: ), would be greatly appreciated in sharing.

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