Mac's VoiceOver Accessibility Function in Japanese

Has anyone here ever tried using the VoiceOver function under Accessibility with the macbook’s language set to Japanese? It basically has a robot voice speak aloud everything you do and what is displayed on your computer. I just turned mine on this way and it seems like it could be helpful for hearing the pronunciation to kanji across the software and on websites. But I want to research the feature more to learn whether it is possible to cut the speech in certain times, like when typing this paragraph (it is speaking each letter and space to me right now). It’s kind of fun!

In Safari you can select any text on the page, Control-click to get the contextual menu (or click the “Edit” menu), choose “Speech” then “Start Speaking” to have the computer voice read it to you. No need to have VoiceOver read everything all the time if you don’t want.


You are right. I forgot about this! Thank you. I will use VoiceOver only to learn the pronunciations for kanji used in the software interface that I do not know already. :slight_smile:

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