Japanese Stores in Los Angeles or San Diego

Hi everyone!

I am traveling in the US this week, and will be visiting San Diego and Los Angeles.

Does anybody have to suggest a physical store, where I could find Manga or Novels in Japanese?

Also, if you have visited these cities (or live there) which places would you suggest I visit? Still have space in my itinerary and am wondering about other peoples’ experiences.

Was not sure in which category this topic fit, so I’ll just put it out there


San Diego native here :v:t2:

For manga I would go to North Park & hit up Nuclear Comics & Verbatim Books. Two very cool spots. There’s also Now or Never Comics downtown & Comics & Stuff in Mission Valley.

For destinations I would hit up Sunset Cliffs & La Jolla. There’s ton to see & do in Balboa Park. We have a quick ferry ride from “Fifth Avenue Landing” to Coronado. Lots of good food spots in Coronado. You have the Maritime Museum Boat, SeaWorld & Mt. Soledad. 100% go to Mt. Soledad at night before it closes at 10pm of course. It’s not really a mountain it’s a huge hill that overlooks La Jolla & Pacific Beach. It’s crazy up there at night. Hopefully this helped you out a bit


Helped a lot! Thank you :smile:

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Kinokuniya, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.


San Diego has Book-offs, great for discounts, and random Japanese books.

Any Barnes & Noble can be good for manga, but bad for the wallet.


Although the Japanese section is a bit small, from what I remember, there’s still a lot to look through.

There are also a couple of Japanese shops near Book-Off if one is looking for other things (like Japanese snacks, stationery, etc).

Tokyo Central & Main has a small Sanrio Surprises attached to it. I haven’t been in the Marukai, so I don’t know if they have more than just Japanese groceries.

This is in Kearny Mesa (part of San Diego), off Balboa Avenue (and coincidentally not far from where I work).

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I’ll let you know when I go, then. :eyes:

Mitsuwa and Nishiki Ramen are also pretty good.

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Yeah if I was you I’d go to the Kinokuniya. They sell manga in both english and Japanese!!!

I see there are two different locations in Los Angeles too.

Veggie Grill is also pretty good too.

I wish there was a Kinokuniya and Veggie Grill in my state… :crying_cat_face:

Surely the plural is Books-Off? :slightly_smiling_face:

Los Angeles has Little Tokyo, nothings gonna be that in San Diego (lived in both places most of my life).

Book-oves. :roll_eyes:

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